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The Axiom Corporation (a.k.a. Axiom Ordnance or AxO) is a terran industrial company. It specialized in the production of military weapons for the Terran Dominion as well as the mining and refining of vespene gas and other raw materials. They had a large complex set on on Bukari V, where they produced the Warhound.[1][2] It is also involved in tool production. One of its lines was discontinued in 2503, though Stanley Burgess was still able to acquire them.[3]

History[edit | edit source]

Axiom came into possession of the schematics for the Wahound when it bought out the company who oversaw Yakov Iliev, who was about to be fired for his designs outdoing the subcontracted security they had purchased. While the official Axiom statement was that Iliev retired, Ottmar Drenthe and Ayla gained the impression that he had his designs stolen in the acquisition agreement. Axiom began production of the Warhound, which had gained the attention of the Terran Dominion due to its focus on fighting against terran rebellions. To advertise their product, they hired Ottmar Drenthe, a famed holovid director, to do a spot showcasing the strength of the Warhound.[2]

Eli Balfour, a consultant for the company, was sympathetic to the rebel groups of the sector, and offered double what Axiom was paying if the advertisement was made to expose the weakness of the Warhound. Drenthe agreed, upon arriving on their Bukari V facility he witnesses a protest of their workers. Seeing this, and hearing the Warhounds Balfour planned to destroy would be piloted by these workers, Drenthe conspired with the workers, and they used their Warhounds to destroy the executive complex of the facility and take control of Bukari V.[2]

Known Employees[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

The logo of Axiom Esports as a portrait in StarCraft II

  • The corporation may be a reference to the real-world Axiom Esports. The group responded to Doctor Warren Held's tweets when complaining about their discontinued line.

References[edit | edit source]

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