Ayla is a factory worker who worked for Axiom Ordnance. She organized the worker rallies and protests against the company, and helped with the worker uprising that allowed her to take control of Bukari V.


Ayla was a worker for Axiom Ordnance, and lived in the shantytown outside of the executive complex designed for factory workers. She organized the workers to protest for better living conditions, but was constantly beaten down by Axiom security forces. Nevertheless, even in the face of violence she kept the protests going.

One of her protests was viewed by Ottmar Drenthe, who saw her direct recovery efforts in spite of just being out of a fight with a security guard. This intrigued Drenthe, who saw her as statuesque and strong. When Drenthe discovered that Eli Balfour was planned to sabotage the Warhound demonstration he was filming while workers were inside, Drenthe visited the worker shantytown and tried to find Ayla. Though greeted with hostility, he eventually found her and informed her of Balfour's plan. Ayla was confused as to why he'd help her, but accepted his aid. Ayla and her workers snuck into the demonstration and undid Balfour's tampering.

The next day, the filming of the Warhound advertisement went off without a problem. Balfour, enraged, tried to shut down the production and have Drenthe arrested, but Drenthe kept filming. Ayla broke through the demonstrative ariel drones, siege tanks and vikings, eventually noticing Balfour coming toward Drenthe with a gun. When he had the director at gunpoint, Ayla blasted him with her Warhound's directed plasma field-charged slug, incinerating him. She then turned her Warhound on the Axiom security forces, and began razing the executive complex.

Drenthe told her that after she was done on Bukari V, she needed to come to Korhal to star in one of his holovids. This amused Ayla, who promised she would if Drenthe found the engineer Yakov Iliev and told him he had a job at Axiom. Drenthe accepted and departed the planet.


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