BDE1600 SC-GA2 Comic1

A BDE-1600

BDE1600 SC-GA2 Comic2

Mining laser firing

The BDE-1600 is a terran mobile heavy duty mining rig.


The rigs used high-pressure beams able to bore through canyon walls and drill down to magma. The beams may function as high energy lasers and be used as weapons. Extended use may overheat the plasma chambers, and explosively overload the cooling systems; this may result in extended recharge times.[1]

The rigs had cockpits, but could also be controlled remotely.[1]


The BDE-1600 was one of the most powerful drills used by the Kel-Morian Combine in 2478.[2]

By the Great War, they were also used at the Calabas Family's mining operation on Shi. Some of these rigs fought at the Battle of Shi; the rigs could not sustain fire due to overheating and were overrun by the zerg.[1]


The BDE-1600 bears some resemblance in both form and concept to the laser drill tank—an unused unit from StarCraft II.[3]


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