"Once my eye is locked tight on my quarry, the whole world just goes quiet. Almost peaceful. It's just me, my target, and my heartbeat softly measuring out the last seconds of that poor sucker's life."

- Private Ryk Kydd—a user of the BOSUN FN92(src)

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The BOSUN FN92 is a terran sniper rifle.

Under the Terran Confederacy, FN92s were available to Confederate snipers during the Guild Wars.[1] Under the Terran Dominion, only ghosts have access to the weapon.[2]


RydKydd SC2 Art1

A BOSUN FN92 during the Guild Wars

The BOSUN FN92 fires .50 caliber ammunition, designed to pierce armor. A computer in the shooter's helmet measures wind, elevation and other factors and gives recommendations to the sniper via a HUD. The rifle itself has a skeletal stock, built-in range finder, a telescopic sight and an extremely long barrel.

The enlarged trigger guard makes it possible for armored shooters to use it. The trigger itself has two stages; once the trigger is activated, and the initial slack taken out of the mechanism, only a light touch is needed to fire the rifle.

The FN92 had a limited ammunition capacity, approximately four. Its effective range is over 996 yards.[1]

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The FN92 has superior magnification capabilities over other weapons and is accurate over a range of hundreds of meters. It has the following stats;[2]

Modes Single/Zoom
Reload 3.1s
Range 1800m


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