Baleog Grym is a Terran Dominion viking pilot who flew under Stortand Varg. He was a bitter man with a fiery temper, who took pride in his aircraft.


Baleog served in the defense of Braxis during the Second Great War. He was part of the viking wing sent to distract the invading zerg swarms while the civilians were evacuated. Baleog and his squad landed on the ice outside of the zerg hive cluster, which had tunneled into the cliffside.

The vikings engaged the zerg, and held their own against the oncoming swarm. However, Erik Snabb got overzealous, and shot the snow banks on the cliffside causing an avalanche. The entire squad was buried, and had to fight their way out of the snowdrift. After Drake and Varg were killed by burrowing zerg, Erik and Olaf Kraftig managed to escape the ice, but Baleog was stuck in spite of his squad's efforts to melt the ice around him.

Eventually, Baleog started using his gattling guns to break out of the ice, but the zerg were beginning to swarm around them. Erik and Olaf provided a distraction and lured the zerg away, allowing Baleog to break free of the ice, transform into fighter mode, and escape. The three flew back to base, saying they needed to drink to fallen comrades.[1]


Baleog is a possible reference to Baleog the Fierce from the Blizzard game The Lost Vikings. This coincides with the rest of the viking pilots from the short story, who are also references to The Lost Vikings characters.


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