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"Thie is Captain Barlow of the Terran Dominion! Drop your weapons! You are all under arrest!"

- Barlow(src)

Captain Barlow was a marine captain of the Dominion Marine Corps.


Sometime after the peace treaty between the Terran Dominion and the Daelaam, Captain Barlow encountered an illegal Kel-Morian Combine salvage operation as they looted a ruined protoss prison ship. Barlow, brought her Liberator nearby and raided the entrance to the Magpie, and when she and her forces encountered the scavengers of Captain Theban, she lobbed a flash grenade at them. Her marines surrounded the crew, stating they were under arrest.[1]

The scavengers opened fire on her marines, and Barlow ordered them to return fire. After taking losses, Captain Theban ordered his forces to surrender. Barlow found Caleb, who was lurking behind a crate, and told him to cooperate with them and save them trouble. Caleb agreed, in spite of Kyra's wishes, and he was taken aboard their ship.

Barlow interrogated Caleb, telling him of the trouble he was in for violating the treaty between the Dominion and the Daelaam. He told her of the mysterious attacker aboard their ship who had assailed them. Just then, Davis, one of her marines, came in with data they had taken from the ship, revealing it was housing a Nerazim prisoner who was taken for murdering fellow protoss. Barlow stated she intended to destroy the protoss ship and the Magpie, and sent Caleb back to his cell.

On the bridge, Barlow prepared to open fire on the ship, when the bridge was stormed by the scavengers who had broken out of their prison cell. Barlow was shot in her side, but Davis was able to fire her Liberator's Concord cannon, destroying the protoss ship and the Magpie. Enraged, Kyra shot Barlow, and brutally stomped her head until it was a bloody mess.[2]


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