The Battle of Backwater Station was one of the first, if not the first military engagements of the zerg invasion of Mar Sara, occurring in and around the military base of Backwater Station.


December 9Edit

"Priority alert! Backwater station under attack by unknown alien organisms. Distress beacon activated at 0658."

On the morning of December 9, 2499, zerg forces of the Garm Brood attacked Backwater Station, a distress beacon being activated. The initial terran response, or at least that of Alpha Squadron commander Edmund Duke, was initially lackluster,[2] much to Marshal Jim Raynor's frustration.[3] He made a deal with the colonial magistrate. He'd head out on his own and do what he could, while the magistrate sent in a force of militia.

December 10-16Edit

"Glad to see you, boys. Time to kick some serious butt."

By the time the Mar Sara Colonial Militia arrived, Backwater Station personnel had been holed up in bunkers for days.[4] It appears that a stalemate had developed between those in the station and the zerg, the latter having established creep colonies to Backwater Station's south and east. Regardless, Raynor and his forces pushed forward, liberating the station.

It was in the aftermath that Raynor made a detour to Anthem Base, saving UNN journalist Michael Liberty from the zerg. They made their way to a command center that had been infested. Although a group of zerglings emerged from the ground to defend it, they were no match against the heavy terran firepower and were quickly eradicated, the command center following suit. The zerg threat had been neutralized.[1]


"Guess you wouldn't be a Confederate if you weren't a complete pain in the ass."

The militia remained in the area for a day, only being interrupted with the arrival of Alpha Squadron. For reasons unknown to them, they were arrested for "destroying a vital Confederate installation." As Raynor saw it, it was "typical Confed thinking. We do their jobs for them so naturally they get peeved at the competition." Regardless, the militia, Liberty excluded, were taken prisoner and hauled to the prison ship Merrimack.[1]


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