The Battle of Brontes was a battle that took place between the Terran Confederacy and the Sons of Korhal during the Great War.

Near the planet of Brontes, Confederate forces under General Edmund Duke engaged a Sons of Korhal fleet. The battle left a massive field of debris, including a number of destroyed Wraiths and freighters. After the defeat of the Confederacy and rise of the Terran Dominion, the location of the battle became an official Dominion scrap yard, with patrols preventing scavengers and looters from robbing ships.[1]


Shadow Hunters refers to one of the ships in the debris field as a Valkyrie (described as a freighter). Valkyrie frigates did not appear in the sector until the arrival of the United Earth Directorate, after the fall of the Confederacy, though the Confederacy had their own variant of the Valkyrie, used as a stealth transport. Neither of these ship classes are freighters however.


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