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The Battle of Korhal was a decisive battle between the United Earth Directorate and the Terran Dominion, occurring on the Dominion throne-world of Korhal IV.


The Dominion capital world was defended by nuclear weapons and a large battlecruiser fleet. As the planet had been previously devastated the defenders had no compunction against nuclear warfare.

The UED timetable did not allow for the disabling of both groups of defensive assets. The commander of the UED strike force was ordered to target and destroy one set. The immediate nuclear threat could be disabled by destroying the nuclear silos on the outskirts of Augustgrad. Contrariwise the battlecruisers could be neutralized by destroying physics labs, preventing the ships from powering up their weapons.

The sortie was a success and the way was cleared for the assault on Augustgrad.[1]


In StarCraft: Brood War, the way the mission was beaten results in two versions of the next mission, Emperor's Fall: Ground Zero and Birds of War. Destroying the nuclear capabilities forces Mengsk to send his battlecruisers, but if player destroyed the physics labs in the previous mission, Mengsk will use nuclear capabilities to destroy DuGalle's base.[2]


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