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Behemoths are a space-borne species. Immense and docile creatures and bearing resemblance to manta rays, behemoths travel through space, even between star systems, using their own energy.

Behemoths have been referred to as "the largest space faring creatures in the charted galaxy,"[1] though within the Zerg Swarm, their size is surpassed by the leviathan.[2][3]


Behemoths drifted through the void of space, gaining air from the atmosphere of planets. However, they were incorporated into the zerg gene pool when they passed close to Zerus, lured in by the psychic beacon of the Overmind.[4][1] The zerg developed resistance to vacuum exposure from them, which gave the zerg the ability to travel through the vacuum of space. The zerg exploited this ability to attack the xel'naga worldships and escape from Zerus.[4]

A behemoth was spotted over the Battle of Fire Base Chimera by gunnery sergeant Andre Madrid.[5]

Behemoths were sighted as late as 2503, and were able to carry overlords and other zerg breeds in the folds and pockets of their sprawling bodies and act as transports, notably when transporting the Kukulkan Brood from Char to Bhekar Ro[1] and, after the Brood War, when infested terran Ethan Stewart's forces followed Ulrezaj's xel'naga vessel.[6] A behemoth can carry thousands of individual strains within itself. They are able to sense body heat.[7]

Game Unit[]

The following article contains information about a StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm unit or structure that was canceled.

Behemoths were listed in Heart of the Swarm beta files. They were listed as an evolution of a pre-existing unit, and had a chrysalis form.[8]


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