"Dorian had called her "unflappable" once. Spanneti had agreed, saying he had offered to flap her all the time, but she refused."

- Dorian(src)

Staff Sergeant Bekkins (or Bek) was a member Brute Squad. She served under the Terran Dominion, and was later transferred to the Moebius Corps. She was calm and unflappable, even in crisis situations.[1]


Bekkins served in Brute Squad under Commander Dorian through battles at Korhal, Ghobi Station, Pantera Prime and Braxis. Dorian described her as someone he could never read. She was transferred to Moebius Corps after the squad was reassigned, and ran recovery and security missions for the Moebius Foundation.

Sector SixEdit

Bekkins coordinated the communications of Brute Squad in their operation on Beta Saul, and oversaw the xel'naga relic. She and her squad moved the relic to the Revanscar facility, and they were all transferred to security for the facility's Sector Six. Bekkins did not show any obvious emotion over the transfer. Two days later Professor Benz took a plasma gun and began shooting the sector indiscriminately, until Bekkins and Brute squad subdued him. After that, she reported to Commander Dorian that she had been hearing strange screams, feeling her skin crawl, and hearing scratching behind the walls. She later found Spanneti wandering into the Black Wing of the sector in a trance. This would alert Brute Squad that something was truly amiss.

Bekkins would help Dorian when they went to interview Professor Benz, and stood guard outside of the storeroom. Dorian would notice she had scratchmarks on the backs of her hands, and relieved her of her post for the night. After the psychic contact from the hybrid in the facility and the suicide of Zimmerman, Bekkins was among those who volunteered to raid Black Wing to get answers. She slipped sedatives into Watkins, the guard in charge of security cameras, drink, and raided the lab. However, her, Spanetti and Hopper had already fallen under hybrid control, and shot the lab scientists indiscriminately, killing Cranston in the process. When asked by Dorian, she blamed Cranston, saying he had gone mad. Dorian figured out that they would have had to have lethal rounds from the start of the operation in order to kill him, but by that time the facility's hybrid had already arrived, and dominated his mind.[1]


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