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A bengalaas

"These noble cats are truly one of nature's finest and deadliest creations."

The bengalaas is a felinoid life-form native to Aiur[1] and other planets of the Koprulu Sector.[2]

The bengalaas hunts in packs and is a fearsome predator. It has been noted to play with their prey like a house cat plays with a mouse. Their pack hunting tactics are acutely intelligent, capable of bringing down prey several times their size.[3]

The colors of their pelts range from purple[1] to grey with purple spots.[2]

Even prior to the Great War, bengalaases were hunted by terrans for sport.[2]

Some bengalaases are kept in the terran-operated Bengalaas Exhibit[4] and by 2504, had been introduced to Korhal's ecosystem.[5]

Game Unit[]

Bengalaas appear as critters in StarCraft on the jungle (Aiur) tileset. If killed, they will disappear in a blue flash, akin to protoss organic units. For the protoss this is caused by a teleportation device to retrieve wounded soldiers, while the reason for the flash is unknown for the bengalass.[6]


  • The feline's name is a variation on the Bengal Tiger, but it is actually closer to a panther in appearance and habitat preference.


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