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"Welcome to Bennet Port... least what's left of it."

Ruins of Bennet Port

Bennet Port is the starport of Augustgrad.[1] It contains several Terran Dominion scientific facilities that did research on protoss technology, specifically that of solarite.

During the End War, Moebius Corps and their hybrid masters fled to this settlement after taking the Keystone from the Korhal Palace, with the intent of shipping it off world. Commander Jim Raynor, Emperor Valerian Mengsk, and Hierarch Artanis all organized an offensive to take back. The hybrid channeled Void energies into the Keystone, stunning all terran forces but leaving the hybrid and protoss intact. The combined Dominion and Daelaam offensive pushed the Moebius Corps and hybrids off Korhal and reclaimed the Keystone. The resulting conflict devastated the area however, causing widespread destruction and a massive loss of life.[2]

Known Locations[]

Damaged Bennet Port terminal and starships


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