"His shadow lengthens."

- Professor Benz(src)

Professor Benz was a lab technician working in the Moebius Foundation in Revanscar facility's Sector Six. He was an old man, and prior to the awakening of the hybrid, had never showed any signs of hostility to fellow staff.[1]


"The Eternal One...sees all. Obeisance will be rewarded. Resistance...will be punished."

- Benz(src)

Benz was the primary researcher analyzing a xel'naga artifact recovered by Brute Squad from Beta Saul. He was driven mad by the psychic influence of the hybrid being created in the facility, and stole an experimental plasma gun from another sector. He fired indiscriminately, killing two scientists until Brute Squad apprehended him. He was put in containment. Lieutenant Zimmerman was appointed as his primary care physician.

Later, Brute Squad attempted to contact the professor in order to find information as to why he went insane. They found he had self inflicted scratch marks on his eyes and arms, and runes made of his blood scrawled on the walls of his cell. He spoke of an Eternal One, and repeated "I obey." One of his markings depicted the hybrid. Later, when Brute Squad entered Black Wing, they encountered Benz again (still in his cell), with more self inflicted mutilation than before, with exposed muscle on his face.[1]


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