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Bernard Hanson was a renowned terraformer and founder of the Agria colony.


Bernard Hanson attended Tarsonis University. He married Doctor Talise Cogan and they had Ariel Hanson. Bernard decided to establish a colony on Agria, partly to create a better life for Ariel, prompting Cogan to divorce him.

To discourage Ariel from accepting a scholarship to Tarsonis University, Bernard used the fact that Agria boasted a wide range of cutting-edge research and terraforming equipment due to its status as one of the primary botanical reserves of the Terran Confederacy. In his opinion, Agria had everything she would ever need to pursue her scientific career. Bernard and Ariel had a series of heated arguments, and Ariel decided to go to Tarsonis.

When Ariel returned to Agria, Bernard was happy to have her back. Therefore, he never questioned why she chose to return to Agria, nor did he bear a grudge for her decision to leave in the first place. With Bernard serving as the chairman of Agria, Ariel became his unofficial second-in-command.


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