The Besske-Vrain & Stalz Pharmaceutical Corporation is a pharmaceutical corporation based on Halcyon.

Its HQ was a large and comfortably sprawling building, with neatly manicured lawns, fountains and benches. It was well protected, with cameras, heat sensors, motion detectors and approximately sixteen other types of security systems. However, in the opinion of professional criminals Jim Raynor and Tychus Findlay, the human element of the security was poor. Its interior features a cavernous lobby, a laboratory used by the R&D branch (which was destroyed in a firefight), private offices, executive bathroom and a cafeteria, where lunch was held at 13:00.

At least in the R&D branch, the corporation's scientists were well paid and, at least in the opinion of Jim Raynor, did their work for the sake of profit, with the development of medicine being incidental to that goal.

In 2494/'95 Raynor and Findlay infiltrated the building, looking to make off with Dr. Andrew Forrest and a sample of his drug, utopia. They were in turn attacked by Ezekiel Daun, a sadistic bounty hunter hired to murder them. As a result of the battle, part of the building was destroyed and Dr. Forrest was killed.[1]

Known EmployeesEdit


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