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"Looks like a bad one tonight."
"They're always bad ones. It's Bhekar Ro, after all -- what do you expect?"

Bhekar Ro is a Fringe World[1] in the distant reaches of the Koprulu sector. It orbits a single orange star.[2]

Originally the planet had "greasy gray skies" that frequently gave way to unpredictable violent storms of sonic intensity that occurred year round, the surface scarred by hailstorms and laser lightning. After the activation of an xel'naga temple however, the climate became more serene,[2] white clouds instead of gray ones present throughout its atmosphere.[3]



Bhekar Ro was settled around 2460 by colonists escaping the civil strife of the Confederate inner worlds. They hoped the world would be a “promised land” beyond Confederate reach, and cut off contact with the Confederacy five years after settling.[2]

The colonists discovered harsh conditions and poor and rocky soil. They raised whip-barley, triticale-wheat and salad-moss. The first decades were aided by a corps of scientific personnel. Outbreaks of spore plague eventually forced the abandonment of most scientific endeavors as priority shifted toward survival.[2]

Mortality rates were high. Virtually every colonist lost a friend or family member. Adulthood was considered reached at the age of fifteen, with marriage and parenthood typically following before eighteen. The few colonists unable to cope psychologically with these conditions tended to become careless and die earlier.[2]

After the Great War[]

Main article: Battle of Bhekar Ro

In 2500, a storm uncovered a xel'naga artifact. Colonist Lars Bren was absorbed by the artifact while investigating it, which caused the artifact to emit a strong psychic signal that attracted the protoss and zerg. The colonists requested aid from the then-recently defunct Confederacy, and received it in the form of the Terran Dominion's Alpha Squadron. The conflict was resolved by the artifact's release of an energy creature which destroyed military forces; the birth also inadvertently changed the climate and improved the quality of the soil in the valley near the artifact. The colony survived.[2]

Post-Brood War[]

The colony at the time of the massacre

In 2502 a female Dominion ghost perpetrated a massacre of many of the world's inhabitants.[4]

The following section contains information from StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm that is ambiguously canonical.

By the later stages of the Second Great War, the planet had been host to a mass migration.[5]

Known Colonists[]

Bhekar Ro colonists, slaughtered by the ghost

Confined to a relatively small geographical area, Bhekar Ro had a tight-knit community. Known colonists include(d):


Bhekar Ro was to feature in Heart of the Swarm as part of the cut Destruction of Worlds mechanic. The player could send Kilysa to conquer the world as an alternative to Bountiful or Haven.[5] Bhekar Ro was to be the sight of a mass migration of terran refugees.[6]


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