Big Tuna is a Blizzard Entertainment in-house band that did covers of the songs Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud Loud Music, Sweet Home Alabama, and Jem's Tune for Wings of Liberty and "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty."[1] and Chris Metzen.


Big Tuna was a Mar Saran terran musical band that arose from the ashes of the disbanded The Velvet Vultures after their lead singer Les McMurray, was "supposedly suffering from death." After that, the band reformed around Jeff "Stumpy Pete" Cassens and John "John" Bazz. After their reformation and the addition of Scott "DaStink" Scheuneman on guitar and Sam "Big Matty" Samia on guitar and vocals, they came out with the monster hits Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud Loud Music, Sweet Home Alabama, and Jem's Tune, all of which were later banned by the Terran Dominion. Big Tuna fell into relative obscurity after their string of successes, but could regularly be found at Motel 5. Their three hits were later featured by Humbert H. on the contemplation of anti-Dominion songs "Revolution Overdrive: Songs of Liberty."[2]

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"Revolution Overdrive" states that the band formed in the summer of 2036 on Mar Sara, which would predate both the colonization of Mar Sara and the arrival of terrans to the Koprulu sector.


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