The biometric accumulator was a device developed by Bill "Pearly" Bousquette with the help of Redell Quinton for use in T-280 space construction vehicles.

The two would brainstorm idea as their worked on hammering out bugs from SCV feedback modules. During one of these session, drunk off of Red's hanger hooch, Pearly developed the rough outline of a heuristic, biometric accumulator that would adapt to operator feedback.

During his time in Raynor's Raiders, Pearly made this device a reality, and had it installed in all SCVs of the SceeVee Special Engineering Corps. This device would slowly accommodate the rig to the user, learning their responses and improving their performance. The more hours logged in an SCV rig, the better the machine would respond. This gave the members of the SceeVee Corps a special attachment to their rigs, as each had slowly adapted to their responses and quirks.

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