Birch was a marine in Rho Squadron and a former mechanic from Shiloh who was well known in the sport of Demolition back when he was in school. He died on Urona Sigma during the Brood War fighting a horde of zerglings.


Birch was born and raised on Shiloh, and all through school was known as a top Demolition athlete. He set a variety of records in the sport, and was known as a local hero. After school hours, he would constantly be in his shop modifying his rig. Through his entire career, he never suffered any injuries like so many others in the sport.

However, after he graduated his fame began to fade, and fewer and fewer people began to recognize him, and those that did saw his records as beatable. He took a job as a mechanic, but constantly sought the thrill of the Demolition circuit once again. He considered the underground ring, but as they were run by the mob he refused to join. One day, he saw an ad for the Dominion Marine Corps, and hoping to find direction in his life he signed up to fight the new zerg threat.

Birch thought his skills would land him in a mechanized or mechanic position, but the lack of frontline soldiers lead him to be a marine in Rho Squadron. He became fast friends with Virgil Caine, who bonded over nights with Scotty Bolger's Old No. 8 Whiskey. Birch thought he would never again find the thrill he had during his Demolition days, and that thought terrified him.

During Rho Squad's defense during the Battle of Lawndale 12, Birch cradled Irmscher as he died, hearing his last words "Mary Lou." He developed a rapport with Albee, and picked on Dave for his use of Mr. Snorggs's Thruster Wax to remind him of the days he was into thruster boarding. When Dave was attacked by a zergling when he was still on his bunk, Virgil and Birch shot the zergling while it was on top of him.

During the battle of Urona Sigma, Rho Squadron's base was being overrun by zerglings. Virgil ordered him to fall base, but Birch refused, taking on the horde of zerglings. Virgil got into the dropship, but Birch was overrun by the swarm, consumed by zerglings.[1]


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