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The facility of Project Blackstone is a Terran Dominion installation. It is based on a hostile "rock," either a bolide, or on a world where it is impossible to gauge the time of day. The facility was operational as of late January, 2505, and hosts a collection of Dominion scientists and support staff. It was overseen by Adjutant 33-27 V3.1974

The hallways are lit throughout the facility, through the colors green, yellow, and red. Security clearance levels include alpha, beta, gamma, and omega. Anyone found in a red-marked section without clearance is terminated. All communications within the facility are monitored.


The Blackstone facility is a secret facility in an unknown region of space, estimated to either in a asteroid belt in Dead Man's space, or in the asteroid belt surrounding New Folsom. Under orders from Emperor Arcturus Mengsk, various scientists and researchers were sent to the facility as the Dominion's "best and brightest," where they would conduct technological and xenobiological research to better help the Dominion against their enemies, alien and terran. Research went well as rare zerg specimens, such as infested terrans and canny mutalisks were sent in, as well as terran ordinance such as the experimental Warhound. Unbeknownst to most of the scientists, live protoss were being sent to the lower levels of the facility and studied as well.

However, with the Fall of Korhal and the deposing of the Arcturus Mengsk regime by Sarah Kerrigan, the Blackstone facility was forgotten in the chaos. Supplies ceased to reach the facility, forcing the scientists to ration what they had. Matters were further complicated when Dr. Warren Held released zerglings into the facility with the intention of killing the other scientists to conserve rations. The scientists and security personnel banded together, and raided the high security low levels of the facility, only to find Held killed by Kaeon, the last protoss prisoner.

The Blackstone facility crew held out long enough for the new Emperor Valerian Mengsk to arrive with support, he sent the science vessel Brin to pick them up, and offered them the chance to either stay on Project Blackstone or leave.





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