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BlizzCon 2013 will be held on November 8–9, 2013.[1] StarCraft II players who order a virtual ticket or attend the event in person will be rewarded with a Stitches portrait and decal.[2] StarCraft swag includes a baneling/zergling plushie, a Carbot Animations-style zergling T-shirt,[3] and a Kerrigan Cute But Deadly figure.[4]


Heroes of the StormEdit

  • Heroes of the Storm Overview—A look at Heroes of the Storm, including core game mechanics, hero rosters, reward systems, and the challenges players will face on its battlefield.[5]
  • Heroes of the Storm Deep Dive—The game's design and art team gives insight into hero creation and the construction of a map and environments.
  • Heroes of the Storm Live Matches—Showcase matches for the game.[6]


  • StarCraft II Update—A look at new and upcoming StarCraft II features, an update on the Arcade, and the current state of StarCraft II multiplayer and e-sports.[5]


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