BlizzCon 2014 is the 2014 installment of Blizzard Entertainment's annual BlizzCon event. It was held on November 7th and 8th.[1]

StarCraft ElementsEdit

StarCraft bonuses for those who attended the event included a custom portrait of Artanis, Vorazun,[2] and a Heroes of the Storm-themed decal.[3]

Friday EventsEdit

  • 11:45AM—6:15PM: StarCraft II WCS Global Finals[4]
  • 2:00PM—3:15PM: What's Next for the Arcade? (discussion about the future of the Arcade)[5]
  • 4:45—5:45PM: StarCraft II: What's Next? (recap of the StarCraft II saga and a look at upcoming features)
  • 6:45—9:00PM: StarCraft II Exhibition[4]

Saturday EventsEdit

  • 2:15—3:15PM: StarCraft II Multiplayer (a look at the game's latest multiplayer updates)
  • 4:00—6:30PM: StarCraft Ii WCS Global Finals Simulcast
  • 10:00—12:00: StarCraft II Exhibition
  • 12:00—12:30PM: StarCraft II WCS Finals Pre-show
  • 12:30—3:30PM: StarCraft II WCS Finals Semi-finals
  • 3:30—4:00PM: StarCraft II WCS Grand Finals Pre-show
  • 4:00—6:30PM: StarCraft Ii WCS Grand Finals[6]


A viral campaign of sorts was held for StarCraft II at the event. In the days prior, Blizzard released a series of soundcloud files, most featuring sound effects from the game, the exception being a soundtrack excerpt. These were titled as "SEE-YOU-AT-BLIZZCON."[7]


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