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BlizzCon 2017 poster

BlizzCon 2017 was held on November 3-4, 2017, at the Anaheim Convention Center. Tickets went on sale on April 5 and April 8.

StarCraft ElementsEdit

A StarCraft II e-sports tournament featured,[1] The BlizzCon 2017 War Chest contributed $200,000 to its prize pool, making a $700,000 prize pool with additional funds going to help support the tournament.[2] A StarCraft: Remastered exhibition was also featured.[3]

November 3Edit

  • StarCraft II: What's Next: Join the development team as they set the stage for the future of StarCraft II. You'll also get a first look at the latest updates—plus some other surprises (12:30–1:15)[3]

November 4Edit

  • StarCraft Remastered – Then and Now: Join Blizzard's classic games team as they discuss their approach to updating StarCraft for the 21st century. Learn how they transformed low-res pixels into hyper-detailed 4K art, while preserving the essential Brood War experience (11:30–12:15)
  • Carbot Creates Live: From StarCrafts to Hero Storm to UnderWatch to WowCraft: Join Jonathan "Carbot" Burton as he demonstrates how Carbot's iconic animations are created, sharing techniques, ideas, and answering questions about his popular Blizzard-themed series (12:30–1:15)[3]


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