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The Blizzard landform is a two-mile wide geographical structure found on Braxis. It resembles a Blizzard logo.

A university team discovered the formation. Dr. Fredrica Wallis, a physical scientist, believes the formation was clearly created by sentient beings and says the report is evidence that the universe "is merely a game simulation being played upon the personal computer of a higher life form." She was lambasted by her university's Physical Sciences Steering Committee for her "insane theory". Committee member Bian Ari went on to state "We are all real flesh and blood, ladies and gentlemen -- we are not just a simulation."

The figures are widely believed to be a bizarre alien archaeological site, possibly holding cosmic significance, and a military officer who claimed that it was, in fact, just a game logo was locked up by his commanding officer as "a certified loon".[1]

Game Map[]

Blizzard is a multiplayer map for StarCraft: Brood War. It supports up to six players.


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