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Nijar28 Nijar28 28 July 2022

Problem In EDITOR Starcraft 2

Hallo I have a problem editing maps after updating the editor, why can't I move objects, please help me.

I have checked the settings but still can't move objects.

How to move object?

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 17 June 2022

Kerrigan's mutalisks are by far the best units for F2P co op: a look at the numbers

I will be examining, side by side, all the air units from Artanis, Raynor, and Kerrigan, to see how much damage they do, and how cost effective they are.


  • Mutalisk deals 9x6 damage with severing glaive and vicious glaive researched, 9>5>3>3>1>1 with just vicious glaive, 9>9>9 with just severing glaive. Attack speed is 1.52 seconds. Assuming you're fighting a group of at least six enemies, DPS is therefore 35.52, 5.92 per enemy. Given that mutas cost 70 gas with prestige points, that means that mutas offer 1 DPS/2 units of gas.
  • Brood Lords are messier to calculate because of broodlings. They do 20x2 damage initially thanks to the two broodlings, but then only shoot 1 broodling every 2.5 seconds. In the long run, from firing damage alo…
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Hawki Hawki 2 April 2022

Random Thoughts on Nature of the Beast

Copy-pasted my review from The Escapist. Since there's been a fair bit of confusion on the graphic novel, thought I'd post it here.

StarCraft II: Nature of the Beast (3/5)

So this is a weird one. Basically, the graphic novel collects Issues 1-3 of NotB which were released with the SC2 war chests, then has 4-6 which are exclusive to this graphic novel, and a short story (one that isn't even properly named) that caps off the plotline.
Overall, this bugged me, but more about how the whole thing is handled. I get that SC2 had to enter maintenance mode at some point, and doing so after ten years of updates was a pretty good run, and with all the comics and short stories that were released for free prior to that, I can't complain. Taking this a…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 2 July 2021

In-Depth look of Banshee vs BC for Raynor in Co Op

This post is an in-depth look at co-op Raynor's third prestige, Rebel Raider, and how his three units: Vikings, Banshees and Battlecruisers, compare.

CtG and other youtubers that stream Starcraft material make the case that banshees are the superior air-to-ground option for P3 Raynor than BCs, reasoning that banshees can be trained more quickly and cheaply, have better DPS, and the faster training speed allows them to spam his calldowns more often.

So let's take a look at the BC vs the banshee/viking in terms of cost.

Air to ground:

Banshees have a higher mineral to gas ratio than BCs, is much more efficient in terms of raising supply per gas, slightly less efficient in terms of raising supply per mineral, and slightly slower if neither gas no…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 14 June 2021

Thoughts on Artanis as a co op commander

Artanis is a highly flexible commander, able to warp in anything anywhere as long as he has the macro to back it up. Compared to Kerrigan, transitioning from Raynor to Artanis was relatively easy. The two play very similarly although their bonuses are quite different.

Artanis' big weakness is that his army lacks DPS. He's more of a support commander than the others, keeping his more damaging allies alive for longer thanks to his passive and active shields.

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Benefits of Artanis as a co op buddy
  • 3 Prestiges
    • 3.1 Standard
    • 3.2 Valorous Inspirator
    • 3.3 Nexus Legate
    • 3.4 P3

Artanis has an impressive list of support abilities, from calling down orbital strikes anywhere to help a weak front, to his passive and active shields greatly extending the life expec…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 5 June 2021

Thoughts on Kerrigan as a co op commander

After prestiging all 3 times with Raynor and getting very comfortable with marines and BCs, switching to Kerrigan was jarring to say the least. It almost felt like Raynor was SC1 while Kerrigan is more like WC3, with a hero unit that is the main focus and friendly units for support.

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Benefits to other commanders
  • 3 The Nydus Network
  • 4 Prestiges and Specializations
    • 4.1 Standard
    • 4.2 Malevolent Matriach
    • 4.3 Folly of Man
    • 4.4 Desolate Queen
    • 4.5 Masteries
  • 5 Units
  • 6 Strategy
    • 6.1 Build Order

Kerrigan functions as an early game tank. Her assimilated resources and mobility through worms makes her an extremely useful supportive player.

Kerrigan can function as a solo with randoms if need be, but functions much better with a cooperative ally that listens to her when sh…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 26 May 2021

Thoughts on Raynor as a co op commander

  • 1 Style
  • 2 Benefits to co-op buddies
  • 3 Specializations and Prestige
    • 3.1 Standard
    • 3.2 Backwater Marshal
    • 3.3 Rough Rider
    • 3.4 Rebel Raider
  • 4 SCVs vs Medics

Raynor is a powerful offensively-themed commander, with an early game carried by his strong calldowns and his late game defined by high DPS units that can be instantly reinforced anywhere on the map. His relative lack of supportive capabilities means that he can do equally well with or without a cooperative ally. This is a great commander for playing with randoms.

Raynor's biggest bonus in co op play is the fact that his medics can heal everything, do it for basically free, and can be spammed. This synergizes extremely well with Artanis' Guardian Shell, for example, which prevents units from dying for a sho…

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Brainwasher5 Brainwasher5 19 May 2021

Thoughts on Mengsk as a co-op commander

I never thought that Mengsk, of all people, would be great at the rapid expansion game, but of all the commanders I've played so far he's the best. Mass workers, and right as you take the second base, you can drop a bunker with 6 more workers inside, pop them out, convert them, work on the new CC together, and achieve near-instant saturation. If only you could share resources...

Mengsk kind of needs this, because most of his roster is insanely expensive. I'm not 100% certain that the marauders and tanks are even worth it. The standard marine knockoff/dropship death ball works just fine on most maps, and they are easily supported by the huge amount of minerals you can quickly bring in. The troopers only cost minerals, and are thus a great mi…

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Red is cool 7 Red is cool 7 15 December 2020

I'm a Starcraft 2 player

I am zerg player I also like zagara co-op

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UndeadStarSC UndeadStarSC 27 July 2020

Adding map editor related info to coop commanders

I was thinking of adding a section in the various coop commanders pages about what keyword store their special units in the map editor (like "Faction - Xel'Naga" for Zeratul or "Faction - Infested" for Stukov), possibly with the Stub warning so that missing information (not all units of a commander are in those "faction" things) could be added as it get found.
Would that be too much, or a bad idea somehow?
I prefer asking before running a long sequence of edits that could be seen badly.
-- UndeadStarSC (talk) 11:33, July 27, 2020 (UTC)

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UndeadStarSC UndeadStarSC 14 July 2020

Challenge Achievements should be in template?

I gave up doing in on Infestation (challenge) because it seemed too complex (or maybe I was just going to do too much, when worrying about adding a category for Challenge achievements box), but should not the achievements be made from templates?

They just haven't been shifted over is all. All a template is is a hyperlink to that data that's there on the page. Probably should be shifted eventually, but the templates are just for ease of editing rather than anything different. --Subsourian (talk) 17:49, July 14, 2020 (UTC)
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CyberSpectre CyberSpectre 25 May 2020

Higher res Terran and Zerg image

Hi everyone, I'm currently planning on changing Terran and Zerg image in the Skins page with higher resolution, it will take time but it's all worth it

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Sz.F. Sz.F. 10 January 2020

Atak Zergów

Słyszałem że świat był kiedyś większy, istniały wielkie zbiorowiska wody zwane morzami i obszary całkiem puste pokryte tylko piaskiem, a czasem śniegiem, a jeszcze gdzie indziej dzikie zwierzęta i wolni ludzie, którzy niemieli żadnych ograniczeń, tak przynajmniej opowiadał mi mój dziadek, lecz ponad 300 lat temu wszystko się zmieniło. Kiedy na nasz świat przybyły pierwsze Zergi ludzie niewiedzieli co robić. Zjawiły się one dosłownie znikąd, zaczeły polować na mieszkańców i "zarażać" tereny na których się znajdowałt, jedyne na czym im zależało była zagłada naszej rasy. I tak ludzie na skraju upadku zjednoczyli się pod wodzą pierwszego imperatora wszystkich ludzi pochodzącego z dynastii Mengsków, to on nas zjednoczył i stworzył dla ludzkości…

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Subsourian Subsourian 16 October 2019

On Blizzard, China and the Wiki

Normally I wouldn't be using this as a LiveJournal and this will go to like four people, but hey it's a blog for a reason.

I took a bit of time away (well, as much as I could as much as I immerse myself in StarCraft) to think on the recent Blizzard situation. For those that don't know, Blizzard recently came down hard on a Hearthstone pro for talking about Hong Kong in a broadcast. While the situation is a bit complex, and I do think Blizzard was in their right to punish him, the severity of the punishment, both to him and the casters, was very much to appease China. I don't think many people would argue that.

To make matters worse, they then released a non-apology, which did scale back the punishment (and thankfully actually paid the guy), …

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Godzillavkk Godzillavkk 13 October 2019

New Characters for Star Craft 3

With most of the original cast either written out, dead, or on a higher plane of existence, it's essential that SC3 have new characters, no matter how close or how far away it is. (a third game has been announced, but Blizzard's tied up with other projects right now) Now we all know that newcomer characters, especially successor characters are not often warmly welcomed. That's why in my opinion, every new main character should be hated by the very people they protect. Here two ideas of my own. One is a book character whom I think has potential, the other came 100% from me.

Colin Phash

Introduced in the comics, Phash is a Terran with psyionic abilities no other Terran has. Quiet Voice, which allows him to partially remove himself from phsyica…

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UPL2229 UPL2229 24 January 2019

Tassadar in Legacy of the Void

Before I get started I want to make one thing clear. I think Legacy of the Void works with Artanis as the main character. With that said, I was thinking about how Zeratul was originally supposed to be the main character. I assume the original plan was for Artanis to spend most of the game possessed by Amon. Then a thought occurred to me.

Imagine this scenario. During the reclamation of Aiur the protoss encounter Tassadar, who's reconstituted. In this version, it's not Ouros. The rest of the game proceeds the same way, except with Tassadar in the place of Artanis. Zeratul severs Tassadar's nerve cords, Tassadar escapes Aiur aboard the Spear of Adun, etc. Do you think this could've worked?

I'm going to take this a little further. First, again I w…

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Godzillavkk Godzillavkk 23 December 2018

Star Craft 3 story ideas.

I know SC3 is years away, but what harm is there in speculating?

In the time gap between 2 and 3, Valerian married and had a child(Can be either a boy or girl)... who has Phsyionic abilities that are much more powerful than any other Terran before, causing people to be frightened of the Prince or Princess, and for him or her to fear what he or she can do.

The Zerg and Protoss have also learned of the child's power, and are also interested in what he or she could become. Meanwhile, on Earth, something unexpected has happened. Xel'Naga artifacts have been found, and the UED believes that they can help them conquor the Kuprulu sector, and the Artifacts seem to be having strange and frightening effects on the child and any one with Phsisonic abi…

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Subsourian Subsourian 14 December 2018

Fandom and Gamepedia Merge and Musings

Never written one of these, but can't really talk about it anywhere else. But hey let's get into it.

For those that heard the news, Gamepedia just got bought by Fandom. Now all Gamepedia wikis will have the option of merge with Fandom ones. Then again this isn't really a problem for us since our "sister" wiki, Starpedia, wholesale rips our content and doesn't even have articles for essential things like "zerg" and still expects Gamepedia to link to their non-articles.

That does bring me to one thing I'm happy is over: the stupid Gamepedia/Wikia rivarly. Having two wikis with differing information, especially on something like story and lore, was always awful, especially when they conflicted and you wouldn't know who to believe. I firmly beli…

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Masaito Masaito 26 November 2018

A few changes to the Co-op Commanders I would do:

Just a few thematic adjust I would do to the Commanders:


  • Medic Heals additional target Mastery (+3.33% - +100%): Providing double the healing for Raynor's army, buffing a little over the in game version.
  • Removing the Firebat attack deal: Allowing the Firebats to attack immediately would make "kitting" with them in your army more smooth and more reliable.


  • Removing Brood Lords, and giving her Guardians and Devourers (like in SC1): The more specialized breeds of air units from SC1, for me, seems more interesting as part of her army (also, nostalgia factor), but keeping hers Guardians and Devourers different from the ones the Abathur has. Maybe Kerrigan's Guardians could be upgraded to have splash damage, and hers Devourers could …
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Techhead7890 Techhead7890 31 August 2018

Brood War campaign is insanely hard

(Excuse the ramble, this post is done by a relative noob and not indicative of the campaign's difficulty balancing at all. This is more of a journal of my experiences than something I expect other people to actually want to read, but you're welcome to suggest tips to me!)

So I thought Insurgent was hard enough. Your enemy gets archons and arbiter, whereas you have to move about the rather finnicky Dark Archon in order to gain much ground. Carrier (StarCraft)s are insanely mineral expensive when you can only take a limited number of expands (taking a whopping total of 550 minerals fully loaded), they die often even with x/3/3 armour because they only have 150 shield HP, and your opponent constantly spams scouts out of their bases.

So, yeah, I …

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Hawki Hawki 8 August 2018

Loving the Skin You're In

So, the new skinset has been released, lore blurbs included. And while such blurbs aren't new, what is interesting is what they're hinting at...maybe. I might be reading too much into it, but it seems to me that there's a more concentrated effort this time to hint at future developments, whereas other skinsets have been just worldbuilding.

So, let's start with the Umojans. On one hand, while this is an issue that the setting has had since Brood War, it's a case of hemogenization with terran forces, in that they've just copy-pasted Dominion tech. Kinda par for the course, but it does make the Umojans a bit less unique. Arguably, the Umojans are in a weird spot right now, because if Valerian's Dominion is more humane, with stuff like the Ghost …

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Hawki Hawki 26 July 2018

Scavenging for a Feeling

I might have come up with a better title, but I'm tired. I tried to comment on the SC3 thread, but my post was deleted (and it was a long one too).

Anyway, Scavengers. General thoughts. Might do the same when issue 2 comes out. Note that this is more a stream of conciousness rather than a review. Anyway:

-So, Dark Horse Comics makes a plenthora of Aliens/Predator/Prometheus comics, and now things have come full circle (hapless humans explore derelict spacecraft, bad stuff happens)

-The whole UED sympathizer thing...I'm mixed. I mean, I actually like the idea of the UED having sympathizers in the K-sector, just feel that we're let in on the reveal far too early. I'm hazzarding a guess that the crew are trying to deliver protoss tech to the UED…

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Godzillavkk Godzillavkk 24 July 2018

If the Voice in the Darkness is the main villain of Starcraft 3, what should be the difference between him and Amon?

The most die hard Starcraft fans know that Amon and the Voice in the Darkness revealed in the Frontline comics are not the same being. And given that books and comics released AFTER a game tend to build up the plots of the next game(Which may be possible given that Blizzard has stated Legacy of the Void is NOT the last game). So what could make the Voice in the Dark different from Amon as they are both essentially space demons with godlike powers. Josh Eldar has described the Voice in the Darkness as essentially Cthulu, but I find Amon to be similar. Alternately, perhaps the Voice is NOT going to be the villain of Starcraft 3 and 3's plot will be more simple and more "down to earth".

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Psionicblades Psionicblades 9 March 2018

Players inputs on the 20th starcraft aniversary.

I feel Blizzard is expecting a huge Starcraft hype in the 20th year of starcraft celebration. I say we should give them all the hype. Players input is a must now, if we really give the support on this events the more positive to release Starcraft content they will get. Shadow wars is still writing the lore, i hope it doesn't die there. I want more SC for the comming future. There is much things we don't know yet... And Earth is still waiting to get to the Koprulu sector again :D

--Psionicblades (talk) 22:01, March 9, 2018 (UTC)

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Psionicblades Psionicblades 29 January 2018

Debate: Why do Dark Templar use Void Energies if the Void is corrupted by Amon?

Dark templar since having no khala use void energies to fight.

In the end of Legacy of the Void Templar where able to use their powers by just using psionic power on its own without help of the Khala i guess.

But Dark Templar always used Void energy even adored the Void as a religion (Thinking they will return to the void when dying)

Was it any different for Dark templar to use their power when Amon was destroyed?

Were their powers corrupted from the void or they channeled simple energy from there? Why was it green? Or why could they control it?

This has been a question on my mind from long ago.

I know the Void itself was the bornplace of Xel'naga (creators of life) so the essence of the void itself is not "bad" but after being in the void you s…

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Hawki Hawki 18 December 2017

Ranking the StarCraft Campaigns (by story)

Been toying with this idea for awhile, but, well, hey, something to do. I've already updated my Star Wars film rankings with the release of The Last Jedi, so I figured I'd have some fun and rank the StarCraft story. Not by gameplay, because while you could do that, really, there's only two gameplay styles to compare across the whole series, and while SC1 vs. SC2 is an argument that's been done to death, it's not an argument that I have much interest in pursuing.

So, when I say campaigns, the candidates are:

  • StarCraft: Precursor
  • StarCraft
  • StarCraft: Insurrection
  • StarCraft: Retribution
  • StarCraft: Brood War
  • StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty
  • StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void
  • StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops

Note that I…

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 17 November 2017

SC1, SCR and SC2 Russian Voices

When i remembered XCOM:EW Russian Voices.

Is there Russian Voices in SC1, SCR and S2?

I'd keep listening to Alexei Stukov Quotes (because he has a Russian accent too).

Please comment here and see if you can find some Starcraft Russian Voices including Alexei Stukov's Russian Voice.

Can you help me?

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Jaklz Jaklz 12 September 2017

Parasite Guide

The Parasite Arcade map has been in development since 2016 by Smith. It's popularity ranks in the top 9 most played arcade map, fairly often, and there's always a lobby open.

Unfortunately there's so much content that it's hard for new players to learn. This wiki page will help the community grow, by explaining the game mechanics in detail.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Classes
    • 2.1 Security Guard aka SG
    • 2.2 Deep Space Miner aka DSM
    • 2.3 Chief Medical Officer aka Doc
    • 2.4 Captain aka Cap
    • 2.5 Engineer aka Engi
    • 2.6 Chief Mechanical Officer aka CMech
    • 2.7 Chief Weapons Officer aka CWO
    • 2.8 Chief Intelligence Officer
  • 3 History
  • 4 Authors

A space station with 12 crew is stranded near an empty moon by a cosmic burst, when one crew member becomes infected by an alien parasite. The remaining 11 …

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FeruEnzeru FeruEnzeru 3 September 2017

Khalani Dictionary (Also on WoWWiki)

Because i've been told by Fandyllic 3 days ago.

He said "Okay, so when you start adding non-Warcraft meaning, try to identify the section as "Starcraft languages" or something. I don't mind non-Warcraft stuff mixed in, but put the Warcraft stuff at the top." meaning that i want to have and make a Blizzard Language dictionary with all of the words, phrases and translations in that way the characters (FCs and OCs) for a massive single player Warcraft 3 RPG i'm working on always and sometimes speak Khalani, Eredun, Orcish, Zandali and other Blizzard languages.

Very important for what i want to learn new languages other than real life languages.

I loved to say hello in Khalani or a different language. I can only say hello in Orcish like Mok'ra an…

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Hawki Hawki 17 July 2017

Thoughts on War Chests

So, war chests have been revealed and...ugh. This is part thoughts, part rant. I know there's other places on the Internet for that, but hey, it's my wiki (...okay, not really), my rules (not really) and my blog (...which it is). It's also partly seeking confirmation that I'm not the sane man in an insane land.

So, war chests. I'll start from the outset by saying that I don't have problem with skins in principle, in any game. I think in SC2 specifically it's iffy that there's no means to unlock them with in-game currency (after all, this is a retail game), but fine, if people want to pay to look pretty, they can do so. Goodness knows I've purchased a few skins for that sake. But I'd like to point something out. The Season 1 War Chest, in it…

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OmaMorkie OmaMorkie 12 July 2017

The AI was beating us in Go. Then we changed the Meta

In general terms, what the AI's in Go and Chess are really bad at is Meta. I understand just about enough Go to extract that much information from the Go-Communities analysis of the Pro-Go games against Alpha Go. Don't get me wrong: The AI invented a new move that killed the current meta. Move 37 in the first game, where the human took a 2 hour break before making his move – that's like half of the entire game's thinking time. The moved altered something in the meta of Go. But the humans where faster to start adapting the Meta, and that is the only way then can at least occasionally win a game. Changing number 37 is a bit like adding 6 burrowed Banelings in the mineral line of your opponents 3rd before he takes it. A really small detail in…

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OmaMorkie OmaMorkie 12 July 2017

Winter is coming - A call to unite the Humans among the Starcraft Players

For those of you who haven't heard of it yet: The robots just conquered Go. So far, the game and it's gosu human players were considered the toughest nut for artificial intelligence to crack. And humans indeed are kind of good at it - They have a bad ass 4'000-year old East Asian tradition, with all their different schools and styles and hundreds of years of paper record of ancient master Games. (1)

The Robots are winning!

They are coming for us next. Goolge has set aim to crack Starcraft II. Blizzard is on their side already, there is no stopping them now. (2)

The AI will be playing fair, it only sees what's on the screen, maybe even have an APM limit. But it is coming, and it will be tough. We better burrow those widdow mines behind the ult…

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Martian2351 Martian2351 23 April 2017

Wisdom achievement

First of all I want to write small personal note and deal with serious things later. I’ve got loooong history with StarCraft. It takes almost twenty years. I discovered DEMO version on CD that was part of gaming magazine and I knew nothing about game, mechanics, or the story. If you ask me in those days, what Chau Sara is, I wouldn’t even know (same with Zerg, Sons of Korhal or Korhal itself). I finally learned that the name of small campaign was Loomings (Precursor after all). I learned almost everything about StarCraft All of it – thanks to StarCraft Wikia. Thanks to opportunity to be here and improve the StarCraft experience for rest of community. It’s beautiful service for geeks like me.

And now - second, serious part! I would like to c…

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Hawki Hawki 22 April 2017

Thoughts on StarCraft: Remastered

So, I've been toying with doing a blog on this for awhile, especially since a lot of what I'm going to say would probably be down-voted to oblivion on the game's forums. That isn't really a slight though - if the last seven years have taught me anything, it's that fanbases are passionate across the spectrum making blogs like this somewhat redundant at best, and melodramatic at worst. But, well, just going to post some thoughts, and as always, discussion is welcomed. So, general thoughts:

  • I'm fine with this existing, even though I feel Warcraft I/II and Diablo I need remastering more, as there's currently no way to obtain the games legally. Not that I'd want to actually play WC1 that much (2 and D1 are still reasonably enjoyable though), but…
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CombatMagic CombatMagic 14 March 2017

StarCraft Wiki in SPANISH!? ¡Sí, en Español!

Hey, I'm CombatMagic,

First, for both English and Spanish speakers have this meme that I just can't get over even after a week. So even if you are not interested you don't go empty handed.


English: Just passing by to make a small public announcement/reminder that there is a Spanish StarCraft Wiki, I am translating things over there from StarCraft lore of the units to characters, to gameplay information, with such a magnificent collection of information gathered on English it takes long time to make each article worthy of its English counterpart, but hell, I'll see it through! Now I'm just asking people that speak Spanish, to visit the Wiki, and create an article on a theme you are interested in, even making the foundations of each articl…

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Holasoyeltroll2 Holasoyeltroll2 7 February 2017

starcrafts 2 challenges

i need help to access challenge missions i found that challenge missions are LITERALLY under still playing campaign button, and i cant start them becuaseim gonna click that button and dont go to challenge option pls help

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Hawki Hawki 30 January 2017

Your StarCraft II Playing Habits

So, there was a poll done by Blizzard as to what aspect of StarCraft II interests players the most, and the results, for me at least, were quite surprising. Said results being:

  • Multiplayer: 43%
  • Campaign: 36%
  • Co-op: 16%
  • Arcade: 5%

Thing is, if you switched multiplayer and campaign around, that list up above would indeed rank my levels of interest personally, but still, I was surprised that co-op was so low, and that multiplayer was so high, given the skill ceiling. And while this is hardly unique to SC2, I have noticed that there can often be a lot of divide in player habits - some people never touch multiplayer, others play multiplayer and nothing else, some got into SC2 through co-op only (far as I can tell at least), so, yeah. I was expecting…

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Hawki Hawki 30 November 2016

Nova Covert Ops, part 3 - Reflections

The third and final blog post on the Nova Covert Ops missions. This is kind of a formality at this point, but hey, may as well finish what I started.

I'm going to differ a bit in that in the previous posts, I discussed the gameplay and story separately, but in this case, I'm going to discuss both on a mission by mission basis. I'm also going to come out off the bat and say, if you're actually judging a game's story, play the game. Before playing the campaign, I watched a compilation of cutscenes, so I'd have a frame of reference for editing. Having played those missions, my estimation of the final arc went up substantially. Not that every gripe dissapeared, but it certainly ended on a net positive.

So, with that said, as usual, more a string o…

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Hawki Hawki 18 October 2016

Ranking the StarCraft Novels

So, with Evolution coming up (and I'll refrain from discussing that until it's actually released, provided I discuss it at all), thought I'd indulge in another blog post, namely ranking the StarCraft novels. As in, all of them bar the Archive (which is redundant to discuss by its lonesome), and War Stories, as I feel I can't really evaluate it since it's a collection of short stories and the Project Blackstone campaign. So, with that said:

Update (28/11/16): Added Evolution to the list.

15: Shadow of the Xel'naga

Well, you knew this was coming, didn't you? I mean, has anyone ever said anything positive about this work? Even the work that comes after this has had people saying nice things about it, but I've never met anyone who actually enjoyed this …

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Pinkachu Pinkachu 26 August 2016

Free Alpha Keys for Master X Master by NCSoft


I am a staff member at Wikia and we have been given Alpha keys for Master X Master to give away. MXM is an upcoming MOBA published by NCSoft. I am posting the keys into this blog, so if you use one, please comment below. Also come back and let us know if you played and what you thought of it. We would love to know. Thanks!




The Alpha runs from August 25 - 31.

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Hawki Hawki 24 August 2016

Nova Covert Ops, part 2 - Reflections

Awhile ago I created a blog post based on my thoughts to part 1 of Nova Covert Ops. The post took around an hour to write, and was basically testament to the fact that it's easier to gripe than to praise. Because while I don't have the same time or energy right now to write something as long or detailed, I'll give credit where credit is due, and sum up that NCO pt. 2 is an improvement over the first, in both story and gameplay.

If NCO improves over its predecessor in one area, it's that it no longer plays like a tutorial. Oh, sure, you're introduced to new units and expected to use them (e.g. Liberators), but not forced in the same way you have to use the jetpack on mission 2, or the energy sword at the end of mission 3. I don't really have …

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Hawki Hawki 24 May 2016

Nova Covert Ops, part 1 - Reflections

So, Nova Covert Ops. A game I played later than most, but a game I played awhile ago by this time of writing as well. Truth be told, I've been pondering reflecting on this game for some time. On one hand, my Legacy of the Void reflection had more responses than I thought it would, and I was glad to see that even when people disagreed with me, they could be civil about it. On the other, I feel iffy about reflecting on NCO now, as it's only one third of the way through. However, I've decided to go ahead and do it, for two reasons. The first is that with the declaration that Co-op Missions are non-canon, NCO is now currently the only means of gaining lore/story for the setting, at least until StarCraft: Evolution is published. The second is that …

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Hawki Hawki 7 December 2015

Legacy of the Void - Reflections, Ruminations, and an End of an Era

So, I finally beat Legacy of the Void. Big deal right? Well, when I beat WoL and HotS, I spent a lot of time debating and praising them on forums, and in the process, said everything I had to say on them. This time, I know well enough to stay clear of said forums, but I thought that it would be nice (read: indulgent) to give my 2 cents. Or 5. Or $100 because that's how much the CE cost me roughly.

So, on that note, I'm going to ramble on gameplay and story. This shouldn't be taken as a review by any means, so, yeah:


-I'll briefly touch on multiplayer as I haven't played it since the beta. Overall, I'd call LotV a net improvement over HotS, in that the matches are faster, and feels more dynamic. I actually got up to silver, but I let g…

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Alockwood1 Alockwood1 12 September 2015

Favorite Race Military

Wonderful set of games to play - Now, I only own the Original Starcraft and its expansion, Brood War, but I like playing them. You have our distant cousins, the Terrans, the reptilian-insect-like Zerg, and the enigmatic robotic Protoss, who are all played differently.

Basically, when you're playing for fun, what race do you like to play as?

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TheBlueRogue TheBlueRogue 24 August 2015

PAX Prime eSports Community Question Submissions

Hello Starcraft Wiki Contributors!

If you’ve touched a controller/keyboard in the last 5 years, you’ve got an idea of what eSports is. People playing competitively for big bucks, occasionally in matching track suits. But there’s a lot more to it than that, don’t know the difference between ESL and FGC? Cloud9 and Day[9]? Fret not! Wikia and their panel of pros are here to answer your questions.

Wikia is hosting a panel at this year’s PAX Prime, entitled What the Heck is eSports with the help of industry pros such as:

Matt Dahlgren (Capcom), Trevor Housten (Blizzard), Craig Levine (ESL), Alex Mendez aka GoldenboyFTW (Twitch), Jorge Albor (Wikia), and Andrew Zucosky aka LiQuiD112 (Shacknews).

They’ll be explaining the world of eSports and answer…

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Logantp Logantp 18 August 2015

Starcraft Custom Campaigns

There are many SCC's but my favorite is Starcraft II: Odyssey. Go check it out here:

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Troll64 Troll64 19 July 2015

World of Starcraft

Not done yet

Korhal is the Capital and seat of power for the Sons of Korhal. It is not however anything like it used to be. Its a ruined ghetto city. Filled with ruined buildings and destroyed materials in the roadways, its filled with rats aswell. But the Terran do their best to try Repair their former home. Mengsk palace was strangely well preserved and now serves as the Head quarters for the new Terran leader -I suck at creating names-.

This is the second planet Terran players come to, and its here where the players uncover that the Protoss has spies on the planet, watching the Terran and all of their operations. You work for an agent and uncover the protoss network. This causes an outrage, and it builds up to the eventual conflict betwee…

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LovingKate LovingKate 8 July 2015

Gosu Trophy Portraits

I attended WCS Season 2 Finals in Toronto, I came upon a stack of portrait codes on the autograph desk after the event.

I would like to share a few codes.

Please comment on which one you redeemed. You may redeem these codes for a Free Gosu Trophy Portrait at []

Codes are as follows:






Happy redeeming. Mods, if this against the ToS of this Wikia, feel free to take this down and leave me a message.

I regularly visit a different Wikia as an admin there (Combat Arms Wikia)

Have a great day.

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Hawki Hawki 7 July 2015

The StarCraft fanbase, or, how I learnt to stop worrying and love StarCraft II

Awhile ago an individual asked me why I no longer participated on StarCraft Legacy. I explained to that individual the how's and why's. Recently, another individual I talked to marked their discomfort and unease on the forums, how the vitriol and vindictiveness of certain members were preventing him/her from participating. For my own part, I will never, ever return to SCLegacy for the reasons I mentioned in that first message, whereas the second more or less encapsulated why I refuse to engage in discussion on Browse, yes, because it's a good place for links to articles that I may have missed. But participate? No. "Never say never" as the saying goes, and I may end up eating these words, but I'm not counting on it.

Just today, …

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Hawki Hawki 25 May 2015

Interview with Glynnis Campbell

The following is a transcript of a Facebook chat between MarKreationsStudios1 and Glynnis Talken-Campbell. This chat was submitted to Hawki on April 26, 2015. The veracity of this transcript was confirmed via direct Facebook message on May 26, 2015. The transcript will be used for internal reference and posterity.

The transcript has been preserved in its original form, and reads as follows:

Mac: Lol XD of corse not! I am a huge fan of StarCraft and loved the original and brood war. Wings of Liberty was pretty great, but there was one thing missing that really bothered me, and kept on going even into HotS. You, the original Kerrigan voice actor, was not voicing Kerrigan. Why is that?

Glynnis: Good question! They never actually told me. I did r…

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