"You may find our ways harsh, templar. But it is better to be harsh than pathetic. Only warriors deserve the honor of fair combat. I eliminate the rest."

- A blood hunter(src)

Blood Hunter SC2-LotV Rend1

The blood hunter.

The blood hunter is a dark templar variant available in the single-player campaign of StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void.


The blood hunters are the assassins of the Tal'darim. Due to their brutal and unforgiving society, any weakness in their numbers is despised. Tal'darim deemed too weak to be of service by the Highlord are hunted down and slain by the blood hunters.[1] Blood hunters serve as the personal enforcers of the will of the Highlord, and meet secretly within their own dark shrines.[2]

Game UnitEdit

The blood hunter is the Tal'darim variant of the dark templar, alongside the Nerazim dark templar and the Khalai avenger. The blood hunter's ability is Void Stasis, which places an enemy unit or structure in stasis for 10 seconds. While in stasis, the unit cannot attack, be attacked, move, use abilities, research or build units, or detect. This makes the blood hunter skilled at infiltration, able to disable enemy detectors to slip by unnoticed. In larger armies, they can use void stasis to take key enemy units out of the fight, leaving them vulnerable once their allies are dead and the stasis wears off.


DarkTemplarCloaking SC2 Icon1
Permanent Cloaking

This unit is permanently cloaked. They cannot be seen or directly attacked by enemy forces, unless they have detector support.

VoidStasis SC2-LotV Icon1
Void Stasis

Disables the target's attacks, abilities, movement, detection, production and tech for 10 seconds. Units and structures in stasis cannot be attacked or affected by abilities. Can be set to autocast, in which case the unit will only seal enemy detectors.

Hotkey V
Duration 10Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 15Time SC2 Game1


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