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"I started crunch mode in August of 1997. Initially, that meant working 50 hours a week for two weeks. Then the next two weeks I worked 60 hours each, and then 70 hours, and then 80 hours. The next thing I know I'm living at the company for six months. I wasn't leaving my office. People would bring me food. I was sleeping on the couch, and despite all of that, I still wanted to play the game. I thought, if it is this bad—if I want to play the game when I am sleeping here, showering here, and people are bringing me my food—then this game is going to be great."

- Fitch on his development of StarCraft(src)

Bob Fitch is a member of Blizzard Entertainment.

Fitch joined Blizzard in 1992. He took a programming role in "virtually every Blizzard game" since Rock n' Roll Racing. He worked on Shattered Nations before being transferred to work on Warcraft II, to code the game's AI. By the time Warcraft II shipped, Shattered Nations had been canceled, partly leading to the development of StarCraft.[1]

Fitch was the game's technical director[2] and lead programmer.[3] He spent two months overhauling the game's engine, while members of the development team were transferred to work on Diablo, to the point where he was working on the game singlehandedly,[2] entering a six-month crunch period where he practically lived within Blizzard's offices while working on the game. He has expressed a favorable view on StarCraft: Brood War, stating that it was the game the original StarCraft should have been from the start, but wasn't due to time constraints.[1]


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