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This article or section contains information derived from Co-op Missions, and should not be considered part of the official StarCraft storyline.

Boom bots were used by Amon's Forces during the End War. They would slowly move toward the enemy bases, detonating a nuke when in contact with a target, before restarting their movement after some time. Boom bots can be stopped by putting inputting an access code.

Game Unit[edit | edit source]

Boom Bots appear in the Co-op Missions mutator "Boom Bots." They appear on the minimap as a white exclamation point with a short warning stinger, and move toward the players bases, but may chase units that approach them. When in range of a target, boom bots detonate in a nuclear explosion, but survive the explosion, and restart moving after a small recovery time.

When the unit is within players vision, one player see the disarming sequence above the unit, and must transmit the information to the other player, that can input the sequence through the numbers on the command card of the bot when it is selected (the one seeing the disarming sequence doesn't have access to this). By default, these numbers can be input from the numpad on the keyboard.

When two boom bots spawn at once, each boom bot will have a code visible to one of the players. Boom bots spawn from enemy structures, thus destroying enemy structures is an effective way to control where the boom bots come from. As a match goes on, the rate at which boom bots spawn will increase.

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