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Borea is a Terran Dominion colony. It has a snowy climate, with a large number of canyons and mountains dotting its terrain.


The Terran Dominion maintained a military base on Borea's surface. Chief Engineer Rory Swann operated a nearby military research base and experimental weapons lab[1]

After Agent Nova Terra escaped from a Defenders of Man facility, she was picked up by a Dominion battlecruiser and taken to the Borean base. There, she met Admiral Matt Horner, who informed her that she had been missing for months, and was wanted for treason for her connection to the Defenders of Man. Just then however, feral zerg attacked the base, led to the planet by a Defenders of Man psi emitter.[2]

Nova was given a chance to show she could be trusted, and took reapers to the hills to defend the base from zerg attacks. Using the canyons, she was able to destroy the zerg as they came through and before they could destroy Horner's base. During the assault. Swann's research base and experimental weapons lab came under attack.

The Defenders lay waste to the zerg

The defense was successful, however Valerian's battlecruisers did not arrive. Instead the Defenders of Man attacked the zerg, telling the people of Borea the Dominion had failed them, and that the Defenders of Man would protect them. They then contacted the Dominion, demanding they give up Nova and leave. Horner and Nova used the chaos of the battle to escape the planet before the Defenders of Man came for them.[1]

After their rescue, the Defenders of Man received a surge of volunteers from the planet.[3]


The surface of Borea

The planet's name is possibly a reference to the term "Boreal"; usually used in conjunction with Arctic ecosystems and flora


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