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Borgo Refinery

Borgo Refinery was a Kel-Morian Combine vespene gas refinery on Mar Sara.

In the Interbellum, Borgo became the target of the Koprulu Liberation Front, who noted a pocket of terrazine nearby. Two KLF agents, including Jansen, infiltrated the base and helped drive mining toward the terrazine. When they exposed the pocket, the KLF sabotaged the refinery. The Kel-Morian miners within called for Terran Dominion support. However, the KLF detonated the refinery, and stole an amount of terrazine. The exposed terrazine drew a massive swarm of zerg to Mar Sara.

Dominion forces under Colonel Jackson Hauler and General Horace Warfield arrived to contain the zerg. He sent ghost agent Nova to uncover what caused the explosion. She discovered the KLF was behind the attack, and tracked down the KLF agents while pushing through the zerg.[1]

Known StaffEdit

NovaRefinery SC-G Game1

Nova overlooks the refinery


In later Swingin' Ape Studios builds of StarCraft: Ghost, the role of Borgo Refinery was taken by Vespene Refinery BF 1138.


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