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"A powerful creature who has taken it upon himself to rally the primal zerg and destroy Kerrigan. He is extremely confident and considers Kerrigan and her zerg beneath him."

- Character description(src)

Brakk was a primal zerg pack leader on Zerus.


"Brakk speaks now! You intrude on my territory, corrupt zerg! We will devour your flesh!"

- Brakk(src)

When Sarah Kerrigan arrived on Zerus, Brakk declared that her zerg intruded on his territory. Wishing to stop her from waking Zurvan, he sent his pack to destroy the quillgor meat that her drones were harvesting. When his pack failed to stop the harvest, he personally led an attack on her hive cluster. Kerrigan rallied her Swarm and killed the attackers, including Brakk. Brakk laughed maniacally as he died.[2]

The remnants of Brakk's pack were destroyed shortly afterwards by Yagdra's pack.[3]

Game Unit[]

Brakk appears as the final objective of the mission "Waking the Ancient". After seven quillgor corpses have been harvested, Brakk will attack the player's base. He will be accompanied by a sizable escort of primal ground and air units. The player should focus on Brakk, as killing him will complete the mission, regardless of how many of his minions are left.

Brakk has powerful ground and air attacks, but can be quickly killed if the player overwhelms him with large numbers of zerglings and/or mutalisks. Kerrigan's Kinetic Blast is also useful for dealing massive damage to Brakk from a safe distance.