Brantigan Fole was a Confederate major general who served in the Guild Wars.[1] He was a short "fireplug" with a short temper, keeping to his own schedule rather than anyone elses. His salt-and-pepper hair was kept closely cropped, and his skin was tanned.[2]

Biography[edit | edit source]

During his career in the Confederate Marine Corps, Fole toured the outer rim, picking up a chewing tobacco habit. It was a habit he never dropped. Over the course of his career he picked up many awards—"enough stars to fill a decent-sized planetarium."[2]

During the Guild Wars, Fole served as the commander of the 33rd Ground Assault Division. He was present on Onuru Sigma just prior to the outbreak of the conflict, sending his forces along with those of Alpha Squadron to Noranda Glacier. With their forced retreat due to a Kel-Morian ambush, along with the Combine bringing in battlecruisers and brigade sized forces, he organized the dismantling and retreat from Camp Hastings.[2]

While Fole survived until at least the closing days of the war,[2] he did not live long afterwards, deceased within two years of its end. He was posthumously commemorated by a statue placed in front of the Ghost Academy on Tarsonis.[1]

References[edit | edit source]

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