Bravo Team was a Terran Dominion strike team consisting of four marines and a ghost under the command of Nova Terra. They took part in the Terran Dominion's raid on Research Station EB-103 in an attempt to apprehend Sarah Kerrigan.

Bravo Team entered the station via drop pod, and swept Sector Six of the facility, killing two Umojan marines. Jim Raynor spotted them as they opened the door leading to Kerrigan's chamber. Raynor fired on them, but the door sealed before he could stop them. As they entered, Kerrigan unleashed a psionic blast on the team, killing all five of them. After calming Kerrigan down, Raynor took the deceased ghost's C-20A rifle and handed it to her. Bravo Team's failure to report allowed Nova to pinpoint Kerrigan's location.[1]


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