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Brian "Zeus"[2] Sousa is a 3D artist for Blizzard Entertainment.


In 1993, Sousa was presented with an ad for "can you draw the Viking?" He submitted his resume and was called in by Allen Adham for a job interview. What followed was a two-week internship, and later, employment. At the time, Silicon & Synapse was working on three games: The Death and Return of Superman, Blackthorne, and the original Warcraft.[1]

Sousa later worked on StarCraft[3] and later as the senior 3D artist for StarCraft II.[4] According to Sousa, he was present for the development of StarCraft II "from the beginning."[5] In the game, he helped work on the effects of light and weather in the game.[4] He is currently the lead 3D artist for StarCraft: Remastered.[6] He was chosen due to his experience with the original game.[7]


The goliath's profile in StarCraft II is based on his appearance.[4]


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