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"In 2009, I came to a studio that was wildly successful and had their own way of doing things. It would have been easy for them to tell me to keep my mouth shut and learn their way. And there were times that I felt that was being said, but for the most part the StarCraft team welcomed me with open arms, told me to do what I did best for the good of the game, and helped me get to work."

- Brian Kindregan(src)

Brian T. Kindregan was a Blizzard Entertainment lead writer.[1]
He worked on its Diablo, StarCraft, and Warcraft franchises.


Kindregan was originally a member of BioWare.[2]
He was one of the writers involved with Mass Effect 2.[3]
He joined Blizzard in 2009, where he worked on StarCraft II.

Kindregan later worked on lore development for Blizzard's Diablo series.[4]
He had left Blizzard by June, 2016.[2]
He has since joined Epic Games as narrative director.[5]

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