Brody was a terran marine corporal in Zeta Squad. A married man, he was "the most intimidating man in any group he ever found himself a part of", but was generally liked by his squadmates.[2]


In 2503,[1] Brody and four other members of Zeta Squad were assigned an unusual mission to investigate possible Kel-Morian Combine sabotage of Binion's Point, a resource-rich area of Roxara's moon. During the mission, squad member Hendrix made jokes until Brody told him to stop.

The team split into three, with Hendrix, the recon specialist, being sent on his own (and was secretly replaced by a changeling). The team reconvened, and Brody noted that "Hendrix" was on time, rather than being last out of the mine as would have been the usual case.

Back at the command center, the marines took off their armor and relaxed. Brody played poker with teammates Jenkins and Wynne. The trio later discovered "Hendrix" in the operations room, scanning for security controls. During the scuffle, the creature stabbed Brody in the gut, and Brody was able to wound it with his gun.

Brody made it to Sergeant Walden Briggs' room and warned him that "Hendrix" was a zerg before dying of blood loss.[2]


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