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Brontes is a terran world.


Brontes was an important Core World of the Terran Confederacy.[1] Settled by 2478, it appears to have been a comparatively peaceful world during this period.[2]

In 2496, Senator Canon and his bodyguard (and lover) Agent Nuura Joss campaigned there, pledging to fight corruption. He narrowly survived assassination by a Korhalian upset at the destruction of his world. Joss rescued Canon and killed the would-be assassin. The two were later ambushed by a ghost, who knocked Joss out and killed Canon with a knife, framing Joss for the murder. She was arrested and charged with treason, although the public generally viewed it as a crime of passion.[3]

Great War[]

A skirmish called "the Battle of Brontes" took place in space between Confederacy forces led by Edmund Duke and the Sons of Korhal. The engagement created a graveyard of derelict ships.[4]

Brontes was infested by the zerg early in the Great War.[1]

Dominion Reclamation[]

The Terran Dominion returned to salvage the derelict ships, and turned the graveyard into a salvage yard. Security for the yard was a low priority; it was sufficient to prevent illegal large-scale salvaging, but small-scale infiltration remained a problem.[4]


Brontes IV is probably not the same world as Brontes, as Brontes IV was described as a minor world, missing from most Confederate navigation charts.[5]


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