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"The Overmind is dead. Now each species must develop all new weapons of war to ensure its survival. Rising from the ashes of defeat, Kerrigan–Queen of Blades–hopes to reunite the Zerg Broods and claim the war-torn Sector as her own... to oppose her will be the ultimate test of power."


The Brood War (also known as the Galactic War for Domination in UED circles)[2] was a zerg civil war fought between Sarah Kerrigan and Daggoth, both of whom sought to succeed the Overmind. Various protoss and terran factions were likewise drawn into the conflict, in part spurred by a simultaneous invasion by the United Earth Directorate.


The death of the Overmind left Daggoth in command of the cerebrates, several of whom merged into a new Overmind on Char. It was unable to control the Zerg Swarm in its infant stages, so Daggoth maintained control over most of the broods while it matured.[3]

Seeking to prevent the Overmind from reaching maturity,[4] Sarah Kerrigan mentally enslaved Matriarch Raszagal.[5]

The Ashes of Aiur[]

Main article: Fall of Aiur

During their invasion of Aiur, the zerg had destroyed the Great Fleet and eradicated the Conclave[6] along with nearly seventy percent of Aiur's population. Artanis, Judicator Aldaris, Praetor Fenix, Dark Prelate Zeratul and Commander Jim Raynor banded together in order to unite and lead the scattered survivors, but the zerg continued to slaughter every protoss they encountered.[7]

The Dominion[]

Main article: Terran Dominion

Having reinforced the armies of the Terran Dominion by forcefully conscripting the remaining warriors of the defunct Terran Confederacy, Emperor Arcturus Mengsk set out to fortify the various worlds under his care. With General Edmund Duke by his side, Mengsk was unopposed by any of the major terran militias within the Koprulu sector.[7]

Rebels and Dissidents[]

Like the Confederacy however, the Dominion had to deal with those opposed to its rule. Tensions had developed with the Umojan Protectorate by the beginning of the conflict and the ghosts of the Confederacy still endured. The Confederate Resistance Forces were a remnant of the Confederate military led by Samir Duran and Angelina Emillian. The CRF's resources were meagre; after the fall of Tarsonis they operated from a barely-spaceworthy battlecruiser and their ranks were filled out by neurally resocialized marines.[8]

The Terminal Agenda[]

The terrans in the Koprulu sector were unaware that the United Powers League had monitored them since their exile from Earth, content to observe them without directly interfering in their affairs. That all changed with the discovery of the protoss and zerg, which caused widespread panic throughout the United Powers League and brought the dissident countries of South America into its fold, thus expanding its powers and causing it to be renamed the 'United Earth Directorate'.[7] When it became clear that the Koprulu colonies were losing strength, the UED Council considered it the perfect time to establish control over its distant cousins.[9] The UED bent all of its considerable resources towards studying the aliens and their maneuverings. They spent several months monitoring the aliens, gathering data on their strengths and weaknesses.[7]

Admiral Gerard DuGalle

Upon learning of the new Overmind, the UED formed a expeditionary force under Admiral Gerard DuGalle with orders to enslave the Overmind and use it to overthrow the Dominion[9] and pacify protoss activity in the sector. However, DuGalle was uncomfortable with the prospect of 'using' the zerg to achieve victory, feeling that they represented an unnecessary risk. He would therefore employ more conventional tactics in taking control of the Dominion.[7]

It was planned that the fleet would rely primarily on captured weaponry, allowing the initial invasion force to be small in number.[10]

Course of the War[]

Directorate Incursion[]

"You've seen nothing! Dissecting a dead zerg in a lab is one thing. Unleashing them on men is another."

The admirals observe the zerg in action

The UED Expeditionary Fleet arrived in the Sector undetected by the Terran Dominion.[8] One of its first activities was to conduct a "weapons test" by unleashing zerg onto a terran colony. DuGalle and Stukov observed the battle to supplement the data already gathered from laboratories. The UED allowed the colony to be overrun and then abandoned it.[11]

Escape from Aiur[]

"With all due respect, Zeratul, the Protoss do not run from their enemies. Aiur is our homeworld. It is here that we shall make our stand!"
"Just as your Conclave did? They are dead now, Aldaris, dead because they allowed their pride to blind their reason. Only if we learn from their mistakes can we live to avenge them. Now, Executor, I know of a place where we can find solace. It is Shakuras, the secret homeworld of my people the Dark Templar."

- Aldaris and Zeratul discuss strategy.(src)

Among Aiur's ruins

Artanis was appointed the new Praetor and met with Aldaris, Zeratul and the Executor at an isolated base. At Zeratul's suggestion, the Khalai survivors retreated to their last functional warp gate, fighting through a sizable zerg force to get there. Fenix and Raynor held back and protected their flank while the Executor got the Khalai survivors through the gate and traveled to Shakuras.[12] Daggoth's forces took control of the gate and followed the refugees to Shakuras. On Shakuras, Artanis, Zeratul and the Executor reconnoitered the surrounding area and found a suitable location for a more permanent settlement. They were ambushed by hydralisks but saved by the Dark Templar.[13] While Fenix and Raynor fought to retake the warp gate on Aiur, Artanis had the gate on Shakuras secured.[14]

Three days after the evacuation commenced,[15] Raynor and Fenix shut the gate down on Aiur,[16] stranding numerous protoss. The refugees would split into various groups, such as the Shel'na Kryhas, led by Ladranix,[15] and Fenix's refugees.[17] A number of protoss heroes were stranded in stasis cells.[18]

New Antioch

Two of Daggoth's cerebrates infested the grounds of a xel'naga temple. Raszagal told Aldaris and Artanis that the temple could be used to scour zerg from Shakuras. At her command, the protoss killed the two cerebrates. Zeratul, Aldaris and Raszagal were then confronted by Kerrigan, who demanded to be escorted to their citadel.[19]

Back at the citadel, Kerrigan notified Raszagal, Aldaris, Zeratul, Artanis and the Executor of the new Overmind. She swore that she was no longer a merciless killer.[20] Aldaris did not believe that she was free from the Overmind's control and stormed out. Zeratul prioritized saving Shakuras over assaulting the new Overmind. Kerrigan volunteered to help find the Uraj and Khalis, and Raszagal asked them to accept Kerrigan's assistance.[21]

Quest for the Crystals[]

"You have done well, Kerrigan. There is more to you than it seems. Perhaps I have misjudged you."
"Given our history, I can't say I blame ya'. Let's just get the job done."

- Zeratul and Kerrigan on Braxis(src)

The Uraj on Braxis

Artanis, Zeratul and the Executor led an army to Braxis, which had been abandoned by the protoss long ago. Following Raszagal's orders to destroy anything that blocked them from the crystals, the protoss overcame the Dominion defenses. Kerrigan personally fought alongside the force, her efforts making Zeratul more trusting of her. The protoss destroyed the larger base which oversaw the crystal and took it away. Kerrigan found the Uraj and a probe was sent to retrieve it.[21]

Viewing Braxis as a vital step toward dominating the sector, the UED surrounded it with an orbital blockade. The blockade included space platform-based missile turrets powered by fusion power generators. The protoss refused Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov's demands to surrender. Artanis led the breakout and opened a way through by targeting power generators, which disabled the turrets. The protoss slipped through unscathed[22] and the UED gave up pursuing them.[23]

The Khalis on Char

Char was the next point of call in the quest for the crystals. During the Great War, the Khalis had been brought to the world by the Dark Templar in an effort to combat the zerg, but had to be abandoned when the Swarm overwhelmed them.[24] Now, months after its loss, the Khalis now resided in close proximity to the still-infant second Overmind. The protoss, along with some zerg that Kerrigan managed to control, had two options—either conduct a snatch and grab of the crystal, or inflict enough damage to the Overmind so that the nearby zerg would be pacified, allowing easy retrieval of the crystal. Either way, the operation was a success and the allied forces returned to Shakuras.[23]

Scouring of Shakuras[]

"For too long have we labored in futile defense as our enemies push us further and further away from victory. The time has come to let loose the full fury of our powers! Never again shall Shakuras be despoiled by the foul touch of alien species! These Zerg shall be the first to fall before us!"

- Raszagal before the activation of the xel'naga temple.(src)

Judicator Aldaris

Aldaris became aware of Kerrigan's mental enslavement of Raszagal while the Fleet of the Matriarch was retrieving the crystals. By the time the Fleet had returned, he had raised an entire legion of Khalai survivors, including archons and all available arbiters.[25] Upon the return of the Fleet, Raszagal demanded that the Executor terminate Aldaris and quell the uprising, prompting concerns about her behavior from Zeratul, who was disturbed at Raszagal's apparent fervor,[26] but either way, both he and Artanis resigned themselves to the task. To help even the odds, dark archons were created[25]—the first in a thousand years.[7]

Zeratul and Artanis's forces dissipated Aldaris' hallucinatory copies and corralled him. He refused to surrender and in explanation of his actions, attempted to explain what he'd learnt about Raszagal being in Kerrigan's thrall. Before he could do so however, Kerrigan herself appeared on the battlefield and slew him. Outraged, Zeratul demanded that she leave Shakuras. To the Queen of Blades, it mattered little—she'd come to Shakuras to slay Daggoth's cerebrates and the protoss had done the job for her. She thus departed, her objectives complete.[27]

Main article: Activation of the Temple

The temple activating

Kerrigan's betrayal was a bitter pill for the protoss to swallow, but they had to focus on the remaining zerg on the world. Zeratul was aware that activating the temple to destroy the renegade zerg would play straight into Kerrigan's hands, but the situation was too desperate to not do so.[28] He also continued to observe Raszagal's oddly aggressive behavior.[29]

The protoss fought against the zerg near the temple, clearing the area. Zeratul and Artanis, carrying the Khalis and Uraj crystals respectively, then retreated inside the temple. As the temple charged, the zerg made a final massive attack against it. However, the protoss withstood the assault.[28] The temple obliterated the zerg on Shakuras.[30] but left a wasteland of sand dunes and shattered ruins.[9]

UED Invasion[]

"Attention! Defenders of the United Earth Directorate, this is Admiral DuGalle. You were all briefed before we left Earth, so you know that we have come here to conquer this sector in the name of Humanity. Should any of you have second thoughts about performing your assigned duties, be reminded that if we fail in our mission here, not one of us will be going home. We stand or fall together in this forsaken wasteland!

Serve the Directorate. Serve Humanity. All other priorities are secondary to victory! DuGalle out."

- Admiral Gerard DuGalle to his troops above Braxis(src)

Main article: Battle of Boralis


The UED returned to Braxis. In order for their invasion of the Dominion to be successful, the UED required access to its primary datanet and weapon diagnostics. To this end, Atlas Wing was ordered to capture Braxis's capital city of Boralis. However, the ground troops were poorly placed, as their landing site had no source of vespene gas. Boralis was also well defended.[31] Both issues were rectified through contact with Lieutenant Samir Duran, leader of the Confederate Resistance Forces. He offered to show them a less-defended path to the rear of Boralis. He allayed Stukov's suspicions by pointing out that he and his men were dedicated to overthrowing Mengsk—allying with the UED seemed only logical.[32] Duran's proposed alliance was accepted and the combined forces fought their way into Boralis, defeating the local Dominion forces.[31]

Main article: Confederate Raid on Umoja, Raid on the Dylarian Shipyards

The UED gained much information about the Dominion from Boralis' computer files.[33] This included the travel schedule of Dominion emperor Arcturus Mengsk, who was traveling to Umoja to visit his son Valerian at the younger Mengsk's home planet, Umoja. They would hold the party at the house of Ailin Pasteur, Valerian's grandfather. A raid was carried out in order to kill Mengsk, but ultimately failed.[8]

The Fleet approaches the Dylarian Shipyards

The UED Fleet had meanwhile ascertained the location of the Dylarian Shipyards, based on the data taken from Boralis. The yard was home to Dominion battlecruisers in drydock, which the UED would commandeer with pilots. Duran warned DuGalle that Dominion Command could typically reinforce its outlying bases within sixteen hours.[34] UED troops stole numerous battlecruisers before Duke led a fleet against them. Stukov revealed the origin of the UED, but Duke attacked anyway. The UED battlecruisers defeated those of the Dominion.[33] The UED conscripted the remaining defenders of Dylar IV[35] and destroyed the shipyards.[36]

Main article: Skirmish on Tarsonis

The psi disrupter

The UED research team found the psi disrupter on Tarsonis. This was a potent device similar to a psi emitter, which the Confederacy had developed in its last days. The disrupter could disrupt zerg psionic signals. However, it was lost during the fall of Tarsonis, and Mengsk had never been able to recover it.

Duran suggested the psi disrupter was such a powerful and dangerous piece of technology that it should be destroyed before Mengsk could get his hands on it, but Stukov believed its anti-zerg abilities would greatly assist the UED in defeating the zerg. DuGalle agreed with Duran[37] and charged him with finding the disrupter and securing it. After neutralizing the zerg in the local area by destroying four hives, Duran located the disrupter. Just before he could plant explosives on it, he was relieved by ghosts sent in by Stukov.[36]

Emperor's Fall[]

A UED command center on Korhal

Main article: Battle of Korhal

Korhal, capital world of the Dominion, was the fleet's next target and ultimately the Dominion knew this. As reports of an approaching enemy fleet reached Dominion High Command, testing was ordered of a new plasma-pulse weapon at the Broken Mesa in hopes that the power of this weapon might destroy the UED armada. While in the final testing phase, Senior Scientist Ozmel Dodds turned traitor as he attempted to curry favor with the attacking UED forces. On the day of the final test, Dodds changed the pulse-modulation frequency on the weapon causing the awesome cannon to overload, destroying itself and the research facility that housed it.[38]

The UED invasion of Korhal itself began shortly after Stukov had "accounted for" the disrupter. The fleet was presented with two key obstacles in its assault. Firstly, Mengsk possessed a formidable nuclear arsenal and as Korhal had already been devastated by nuclear fire nearly a decade ago, there would be no compunction against using nuclear missiles against UED ground forces. The second issue was that Korhal's planetary defense featured multiple battlecruisers. Either set of defenses could be compensated for in an attack prior to moving on the capital of Augustgrad but the UED timetable did not allow for disabling both groups of defenses. Either way, the pre-emptive strike was successful, leaving the way open to Augustgrad.[39] However, Mengsk still possessed a large number of standing forces, even if he couldn't reinforce them.[40]

Main article: Siege of Augustgrad


After weathering Mengk's counterstrike, the UED forces moved on Augustgrad and captured the city. Mengsk, attempting to escape in the Norad III was intercepted and was forced to request a parlay.[41]

On Aiur, Raynor and Fenix were contacted by Kerrigan,[42] who asked them to rescue Mengsk from the UED and bring him to her. Raynor was galvanized by the threat of an emergent Overmind in the hands of the UED and temporarily put aside his hatred of Mengsk and agreed to Kerrigan's plan.[9]

DuGalle, as impressed as he was at Mengsk's defense,[43] had no intention of negotiation, as Mengsk was to be executed along with his ranking officers. Before the emperor could be apprehended however, the Hyperion appeared alongside a small protoss fleet. Through dimensional recall, Mengsk was rescued right under the UED's nose.[41]

Main article: UED Raid on Aiur

Fenix's encampment

The UED pursued Raynor and Mengsk to Aiur, where they hid in a protoss encampment based around the warp gate. Large numbers of zerg prowled the area and while passive, anything could set them off. A captain was assigned to destroy the encampment while forces led by Duran and Stukov would seal off the area.

Shortly after the invasion, the warp gate was activated, throwing the zerg into a frenzy. The UED forces fought their way past both protoss and zerg, destroying the protoss encampment. Raynor and Mengsk fled in a transport, but the UED strike force was in position to intercept them. However, to Stukov's astoundment, a force of zerg converged on the location. Duran had moved his troops out of position and feigned ignorance of such actions. An irate Stukov left the battlefield in order to attend to "a personal matter". This enabled a massive swarm of zerg to move into the area, destroying everything in sight. Raynor and Mengsk escaped and the warp gate self-destructed.[17]

On the Blood of Patriots[]

"Gerard... old friend. You do indeed have a traitor in your midst... but it's not me. Duran. He has been playing us both from the start... He convinced you to destroy the Psi Disrupter... even though it was our best chance at defeating the Zerg. And then, on Aiur, ...he allowed the Zerg to overrun us even as we had the fugitives in our grasp. I came here... to activate the one hope we have of defeating them... And you killed me for it. Heh, heh... Duran is your enemy Gerard. I suspect... that he may even be infested as well... Use the Disrupter, Gerard... Finish our operation... Let my death have at least some meaning."

- Stukov's dying words.(src)

The psi disrupter's interior

Main article: First Raid on the Psi Disrupter

Stukov took his Elite Guard to Braxis where he reconstructed the Psi Disrupter. DuGalle traced him to the world and was perplexed at his actions, especially in light of the detection of a fully functional psi disrupter. Duran convinced the admiral that this was an act of treason. In response, DuGalle put Duran in charge of a strikeforce through which Stukov would account for his actions.[44] The force fought their way through the psi disrupter to Stukov, whom Duran shot and vanished soon afterwards. As Stukov lay dying, he told DuGalle that he believed Duran was the traitor and may even have been infested.[45] DuGalle realized too late that his friend was telling the truth. The UED was unable to locate Duran but they did encounter large numbers of zerg which had invaded the Disrupter. The Disrupter's core had been set to overload in a short period of time. Duran's former force teamed up with the remains of Stukov's force, fighting their way past the zerg to save the Disrupter. The Disrupter remained on Braxis, protected by a planetary garrison.[46]

Main article: The Capture of the Overmind

The Overmind's defenders

The UED fleet traveled to Char for the final push against the zerg. The disrupter proved its worth by interfering with zerg communications, causing the zerg to spread over Char in disarray. This enabled the fleet to reach Char's surface. However, the Overmind was still defended by three broods, each commanded by a cerebrate with a special ability. One could enhance the toughness of its sunken colonies, another created infested terrans, and yet another could create a Torrasque, a powerful ultralisk breed, and respawn it when it was killed. The UED forces destroyed each cerebrate in turn, pacifying each brood. This allowed their medics to approach the second Overmind and pacify it with neurostim injections. As the UED reached its victory, Duran appeared on the battlefield. He introduced DuGalle to Kerrigan who taunted him about the death of Stukov. She said she would claim the zerg for herself and destroy the disrupter. Her forces covered her retreat as the Directorate engaged them.[47]

Project Black Flag

In the aftermath of their victory, the fleet created a victory report for transmission to Earth, informing their homeworld of the successes against the zerg. The report was laced with propaganda and in regards to the manner of Stukov's death, outright lies. Directorate Project "Black Flag" controlled the Overmind through psychics as well as powerful drugs.[2]

Kerrigan's Alliances[]

"Do you think they suspect anything, my Queen?"
"Of course. They aren't stupid, Duran. They're siding with the evil they know over the evil they don't... They simply don't yet realize what it will cost them."

- Samir Duran and Sarah Kerrigan discuss their allies.(src)

Kerrigan's zerg

Main article: Tarsonis Zerg Revolt

The disrupter's effects weakened Kerrigan's Zerg Swarm, causing Kerrigan to lose control of many of her minions. She took control of a new cerebrate and told it if it served her unquestioningly, she would let it live. Duran told Kerrigan that the zerg on Tarsonis had been revolting for hours. The new cerebrate took control of Kerrigan's few remaining minions and slowly defeated the rebel zerg, recovering hives as it did so. The hives failed to respond to the cerebrate's orders, and so the associated larvae were unable to be transformed into new minions. Kerrigan's zerg moved from hive to hive, taking them from the rebels' control. Each time, some of the renegade zerg joined Kerrigan's side. Kerrigan recruited a number of Hunter Killers this way; the Queen of Blades managed to put down the rebels and claimed victory.[48]

The UED's attempted defense

Main article: Second Raid on the Psi Disrupter

Kerrigan arranged for Mengsk to be transported in cryogenic hibernation to her by Fenix and Raynor. Kerrigan claimed that she bore Mengsk no ill will and proposed a deal. In return for her help in retaking Korhal, he would provide a psi emitter, which would enable her to gather up enough zerg to destroy the disrupter. Mengsk, having little choice in the matter, agreed.

Raynor's Raiders began the assault, destroying the external power generators powering the Disrupter. Mengsk's SCV, carrying an emitter, then descended. It lured zerg minions, such as drones, as well as powerful minions such as Devouring Ones, Hunter Killers and even a Torrasque to Kerrigan's hive cluster. Kerrigan's forces destroyed the Disrupter, achieving a strategic victory over the UED.[49]


Main article: Raid on Moria (The Kel-Morian Combine)

Kerrigan's allies were uneasy, wondering if Kerrigan's now uncontested control of her zerg would signal the end of their alliance. Either way, the assault on Korhal loomed. In order to prepare for the upcoming attack, Kerrigan needed a large quantity of minerals. She chose Moria as her target. Fenix agreed to lead the zerg troops.[50] They weakened some of Moria's defenses in the assault and destroyed a number of military and manufacturing facilities as they pilfered ten thousand minerals.[51]

True Colors[]

"I liberated this planet because it was the UED's primary staging point, not because I was under any obligation to you. I used you to destroy the Psi Disrupter. And now that I've got my Broods back, you're no longer necessary for my plans. I think I'll leave you here, Arcturus, among the ashes of your precious Dominion. I want you to live to see me rise to power. And I want you to always remember in your most private moments that it was you who turned me loose in the first place."

- Kerrigan's betrayal of Mengsk(src)

Main article: The Liberation of Korhal

The UED base in Augustgrad

Much planning went into the assault on Korhal, and for good reason—the UED possessed a substantial ground force, heavy fortifications and even its own zerg, courtesy of its control of the Overmind. While Raynor and Fenix led an assault against the outlying fortifications of Augustgrad, Kerrigan's zerg acted as the tip of the spear, reclaiming the city. Fewer enemy zerg were encountered than expected, leading Kerrigan to wonder if the Overmind was proving difficult to control. Either way, with victory achieved, Mengsk sent Duke to establish a base of operations in Augustgrad.[52]

Main article: Betrayal on Korhal

Duke's and Fenix's bases

For Kerrigan, the struggle was not over, as the UED forces on Char still had to be dealt with. Before that could occur however, she had to deal with her former allies, seeing them as potentially dangerous. She and Duran plotted their destruction. As Duke's and Fenix's forces rested after the liberation of Korhal, Kerrigan's zerg attacked them. For six minutes they rampaged almost unchecked before the former allies could retaliate. During the battle, both Duke (in the Norad III) and Fenix himself made personal appearances on the battlefield, but both fell to the zerg.[53] This earned Kerrigan the hatred of both Mengsk[54] and Raynor.[55] Kerrigan weary of the slaughter, ordered her forces to return to Tarsonis.[56]

To Slay the Beast[]

Main article: Second UED Raid on Tarsonis

Kerrigan's fortress and the UED compound

Two days after the massacre on Korhal, The UED Expeditionary Fleet launched an attack by their enslaved zerg against Kerrigan's fortress on Tarsonis. The hundreds of zerg were coordinated by scientists, due to the UED's poor control over the Overmind.[57] In addition, the UED used genetic engineers which experimented on a number of passive zerg.

The UED enslaved zerg overwhelmed many of Kerrigan's hive clusters, but her cerebrate was able to rally the remaining forces. Kerrigan ordered the deaths of the scientists, which caused the passive zerg to run wild. Kerrigan's forces had achieved victory.[58]


In order to slay the Overmind, Kerrigan needed the aid of the Dark Templar. For the aid of the Dark Templar, she needed Raszagal. And in order to retrieve the matriarch, she and Duran returned to Shakuras. However, Raszagal was residing in Talematros, a well defended settlement whose pylons were generating an electromagnetic field, preventing most zerg aerial strains from being fielded. Duran suggested he could plant charges on the pylon clusters and set them to overload. With the destruction of the power grid, the zerg would have ample cover through which they could kidnap Raszagal. Kerrigan approved of the plan.

Duran led ground-based zerg (and overlords) against the protoss defenders, eventually planting charges and detonating all of the clusters. The entire city was destroyed.[59] During the confusion, Raszagal was retrieved.[60]

The UED's lines crumble

Kerrigan traveled to Char, where her final plans would be laid. As Kerrigan had anticipated, Zeratul arrived, leading a protoss revenge force. Kerrigan used Raszasgal's status as a hostage to force another alliance with the protoss — if the Dark Templar would slay the Overmind for Kerrigan, she would allow Raszagal to return. Zeratul was outraged, but Raszagal convinced him to agree to Kerrigan's demands, pointing out the Overmind was an enemy for both Kerrigan and the protoss.[61] Kerrigan's zerg and the Dark Templar fought against the UED and its enslaved zerg. Eventually Kerrigan's alliance overwhelmed the UED, with Zeratul personally slaying the Overmind.[60] The remaining cerebrates were also killed[62] by the Nerazim.[63]

Zeratul demanded the return of the Matriarch. Kerrigan allowed this... but Raszagal, now clearly under Kerrigan's control, would not.[64]

Raszagal, dead at Zeratul's hands

Main article: Skirmish on Char (The Reckoning)

Zeratul and his brethren circumvented Kerrigan's defenses and rescued Raszagal as the remainder of the UED forces fled. Duran was meanwhile able to locate Zeratul's outpost, near remnants of UED ground troops. It appeared that they were intent on returning to Shakuras with Raszagal, and would do so within thirty minutes. Kerrigan's zerg fought their way past the UED troops and destroyed the protoss base. Raszasgal was located in a stasis cell within.[65] With a heavy heart, Zeratul slew Raszagal in order to prevent Kerrigan from controlling her.[66] Kerrigan was impressed with Zeratul's resolve and allowed him to live, reveling at the guilt Zeratul would be forced to live with.[65]

Dark Origin[]

Main article: Dark Origin
"This creature is the completion of a cycle. It's role in the cosmic order was preordained when the stars were young. Behold the culmination of your history."
"All I behold is an abomination."
"Your violence, young prodigal, is typical. As is your inablility to comprehend the greater scheme of things. You can destroy all of the specimens here. It will do you no good. For I have seeded the Hybrid on many, many worlds. You will never find them all before they awaken... And when they do... your universe will be changed... forever."

- Duran and Zeratul discuss the hybrid(src)

Zeratul on the dark moon

Following the previous battle on Char, Duran left Kerrigan's side. She was unaware of his location or motives.[67] Zeratul meanwhile led a small warband fleeing from Char. They sought Artanis and other protoss survivors of Kerrigan's attacks. During the search, they located protoss power signatures emanating from a dark moon. Since the protoss had never lived at this moon, Zeratul believed survivors may be located there. However, the power signatures were actually coming from makeshift devices crafted by terrans.

Zeratul personally led a small force of dragoons and dark archons to the dark moon. There, they discovered makeshift stasis cells defended by Clandestine Mercenaries. The terran scientists had been conducting a number of experiments with protoss technology and biology... as well as zerg biology. At the innermost stasis cell, Zeratul discovered the truth: the experiments' aim was to create a protoss-zerg hybrid, which, as the creature within the stasis cell depicted, had been achieved.[68]

As Zeratul reeled with the shock of the discovery, Duran confronted Zeratul, telling him that the creature was the culmination of a cycle and that it would change the universe forever. Duran also said the creatures were spread on many worlds and had not awoken yet.[68] Zeratul saw the creature as an abomination and slew it. He also destroyed the rest of the facility[69] and departed the dark moon, unable to share the information with his companions as he feared what the future might hold.[68]


Main article: Battle over Char (Omega)
"At this point, I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe. And not all of your little soldiers or space ships will stand in my way again."

- Kerrigan(src)

Char Aleph

Kerrigan was left on a weak position at Char, as Duran had disappeared and the majority of her forces were stranded on the surface of the planet when three fleets, commanded by Mengsk, DuGalle and Artanis, converged on her Char Aleph.[67] The Dominion fleet was particularly weak, being made of special interest groups who wanted to see Kerrigan dead. Mengsk had promised them concessions and called in favors in order to implement his strike.[70]

Kerrigan led the defense of the platform. Mengsk's forces were defeated, forcing the emperor to withdraw. He promised Kerrigan that sooner or later, she would slip-up, and he would be there to exploit her mistake.[71] The protoss were also defeated, with Artanis also vowing vengeance. Finally, the UED forces were defeated. While the protoss and Dominion fleets were able to limp away, Kerrigan refused to accept DuGalle's surrender, pointing out that he had nothing left to barter with. For her own amusement, Kerrigan allowed the fleet a head-start in their retreat to Earth, before she sent the Swarm after them.[72]

As the UED fleet retreated, DuGalle sent off a final letter to his wife on Earth. Realizing that the zerg could never be tamed, and that his pride had cost him the lives of Stukov and his men, DuGalle committed suicide.[73] The remnants of the UED fleet was destroyed by Kerrigan's forces, with none making it back to Earth.[74]

Other Battles[]

During the war, Urthos III was the site of numerous skirmishes over its mineral deposits.[75] The UED also attacked the city of Graschek[76] and fought in an area known as the Abattoir.[77] Heavy casualties were suffered in both instances.[76][77]

At round about the same time as the UED was assaulting Korhal, the Dark Templar terrorist Ulrezaj launched a terror campaign against the Khalai.[18] He was defeated, but managed to elude justice.[78]

Other planets of conflict included Anselm. The Dominion and zerg clashed here.[79]


"Once again I stand atop the broken bodies of my enemies... - Victorious but not unscarred. - The Earth-borne Directorate has been destroyed. - And the Overmind lies dead and trampled beneath the ashes of Char. - As for my unlikely allies, I think that I shall allow them a reprieve. - For in time I will seek to test their resolve, and their strengths. - They will all be mine in the end, for I am the Queen of Blades. - None shall ever dispute my rule again."

- Kerrigan stands triumphant.(src)

Kerrigan ascendent

Kerrigan allowed the protoss and Dominion to survive, at least for a time,[73] and felt that a great threat was coming.[80] When the war ended, it appeared that doom was nigh for both terrans and protoss, as both species were left to speculate what worlds would be targeted? Who, they asked, could stand against Kerrigan? However, the zerg pulled back from the frontlines and disappeared into their territory. Months passed. Then years.[81] Kerrigan refrained from carrying out any overt hostile actions against her enemies over the years, leading many to speculate on her motives.[9] Some believed the zerg threat to be over. Others feared that Kerrigan was planning something worse than mere conquest. However, many who entered zerg territory in search of answers never returned.[81]

The Terran Dominion was greatly weakened as a result of the Brood War. It lost control of the Kel-Morian Combine and Umojan Protectorate.[10] It was forced to rely on mercenaries in order to deal with various military problems.[82] Still, it had effectively recovered from the conflict[83] by 2502.[84] Mengsk declared the zerg to be pacified and drew up plans to secure his rule over the Dominion, and force the Umojans and Kel-Morians to bend the knee.[81]

Protoss society was re-organized into the Daelaam[85] with Artanis as its leader.[24] Difficult times faced the Firstborn as both Khalai and Nerazim were forced to co-exist.[9] He could not count on Zeratul, who had disappeared,[10] caught up in his guilt.[86]

Jim Raynor initially partook in anti-zerg actions,[87] such as an operation on Braxis.[88] Still, realizing his chances against the zerg were slim, Raynor led the Raiders in an anti-Dominion movement. However, their struggle showed little sign of success.[9]

The Brood War inflicted little political change on the Koprulu sector. The biggest change, the arrival of the United Earth Directorate, had been reversed by its end.[89]

Ultimately, it would be four years until conflict once again engulfed the Koprulu sector...[9]


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