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A broodling

A broodling is a short-lived zerg creature spawned from queens and later, brood lords.


Broodlings are small but vicious and upon hatching, will attack any nearby enemies,[1] attacking them until either they or the broodlings are destroyed.[2] In the event that there are no nearby enemies, they await commands from a higher strain. Their effectiveness is primarily compromised, however, by their very limited lifespans.[3]


The original broodling strain

Broodlings were originally grown from globs of spores launched from queens. These spores attempted to 'fertilize' any organic matter they came into contact with and were capable of eating through even the armored hulls of vehicles to reach the occupants within.[1] If these spores made contact with an organic being, they forced the organism to metabolize, serving as the breeding ground for a near instantaneous metabolization and birth of a pair of broodlings.[3] The explosive birth was fatal to the host.[1]

The newest generation of broodlings are spawned from the brood lord. They are grown in sacs attached to the creature's body, which are capable of rapidly spawning large batches of broodlings. Used as living ammunition, the brood lord supercharges the broodlings' aggression and metabolism in combat, turning them into short-lived, but very effective air-to-ground weapons, capable of tearing through personal armor and vehicular plating with ease.[4] This is in addition to the initial impact damage they inflict when they hit their intended targets.[5] The broodlings themselves also regulate some of the brood lord's biological functions.[4] These broodlings can adapt alongside their brood lord hosts, and can fit various other environments. During the invasion of a world with immense seas, a strain of broodlings evolved to be better suited to aquatic combat.[6]

The aquatic broodling variant

These broodlings also emerge from destroyed zerg structures.[7] After her de-infestation, Sarah Kerrigan could spawn broodlings by tapping into her zerg abilities.[8]

The renegade Cerberus Program designed brood lords that could spawn broodlings enslaved to the program, and which could be controlled by a distant commander.[9]

Game Unit[]


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StarCraft II[]

Heroes of the Storm[]

Heroes DevLog2.jpg

The following section contains information from Heroes of the Storm and is not canon to StarCraft continuity

In a former patch of Heroes of the Storm, Zagara could choose to amplify an ability to spawn broodlings.[10]

Broodling Types[]



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