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"Massive assault beast that dwarfs even the Ultralisk in size and strength."


Brutalisk SC2-LotV Art1

A brutalisk

The brutalisk is a variant strain of the ultralisk[1] which resembles a cross between a zergling and a hydralisk.


During the Second Great War, one was present on Redstone III,[2] and another on Tyrador VIII.[3] The Terran Dominion captured a number of brutalisks—one was held at a bio-weapons lab orbiting Castanar[4] while another two were at Skygeirr Station. During her assault on Skygeirr, Sarah Kerrigan liberated these brutalisks and turned them against their Dominion captors.[5]

During the End War, a number of brutalisks were enslaved by Amon and incorporated into his brood. During Amon's attack on the Keystone on Aiur, several brutalisks stood guard over the zerg bases surrounding Hierarch Artanis and his troops.[6]

After the End War, a brutalisk was among the feral zerg lured to the Terran Dominion colony of Borea by the Defenders of Man. It was much stronger than those encountered before and attacked Admiral Matt Horner's base, but was killed by Agent Nova Terra and her forces.[7]

Game Unit

Brutalisks appear in every StarCraft II campaign.

While powerful, brutalisks have a very slow movement rate. Fast-moving units easily dominate brutalisks by utilizing hit and run tactics. Alternately, powerful weapons such as siege tanks and battlecruisers make short work of brutalisks from afar. Every time they appear, brutalisks are optional research objectives that yield three points of zerg research in the Wings of Liberty campaign, and levels for Kerrigan in the Heart of the Swarm campaign.

In the Legacy of the Void campaign mission "Salvation" killing the brutalisk on hard awards an achievement. The best way to kill the brutalisk is with dark templars, immortals or void rays.

Co-op Missions

Brutalisks can be spawned by Abathur in the Co-op Missions mode of Legacy of the Void upon reaching level 2. They are spawned instantly when a ground unit such as roaches reaches 100 biomass. Abathur can field a maximum of three brutalisks.

Upgrades and Abilities

SC2 Abathur AC - UltimateEvolution
Ultimate Evolution

Unlocks the ability for ground units with 100 stacks of Biomass to evolve into Brutalisks. Air units with 100 stacks of Biomass evolve into Leviathans.

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Abathur level 2.
SC2 Abathur AC - Symbiote

Brutalisks and Leviathans gain Symbiotes that follow them, attacking enemies and protecting their host with the Carapace ability.


Damage: 20
Cooldown: 1
Range: 6
Carapace ability: when Ultimate Evolution taking damage, Symbiote create Carapace with can absorbs 200 damage.
Carapace duration: 8Time SC2 Game1
Carapace cooldown: 20Time SC2 Game1
Mastery: increases the Symbiote attack damage by +0.66 per Mastery point and increases the Carapace absorbs damage by +6.66 per Mastery point. (up to a maximum 40 attack damage and 400 absorbs damage)

Campaign Acquisition
Unlock Reach Abathur level 10.
DeepTunnel SC2 Icon1
Deep Tunnel

Brutalisks can burrow to any location on the map. Does not require vision.

Hotkey D
Cost 2Time SC2 Game1
Cooldown 10Time SC2 Game1

Special Brutalisk Strains


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