The bunker rush is a terran gameplay strategy. It may be used to slow an opponent's acquisition of their natural expansion.


The terran player must scout early to determine whether an opponent is saving for an early command center, nexus, or hatchery. An opponent may eschew building early production structures to do this.

Building the BunkerEdit

The scout, typically an SCV, begins constructing a bunker at the choke point between the opponent's main base and natural expansion. A marine or marauder should follow up as quickly as possible to drive off counter-attacking enemy workers attempting to prevent the bunker's completion. Try to get the marine and SCV in at the same time if possible, which means the SCV has an escort.


The opponent may expend more workers to try to remove the bunker or get past it to establish the expansion. Eventually the opponent will break through with tier one units. By that time, the natural expansion will have been delayed and a few workers killed.

A bunker placed within range of a completed expansion may be able to destroy it before enough forces are massed. Whereas opponents lose many workers and much mining time attempting to fend off the bunker, retreating and salvaging the bunker results in only 25 minerals of investment by the terran player.

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