Captain Buzan was the leader of the Kimeran Pirates, a mercenary organization, and commander of the Kimera, a high-tech battlecruiser.

Buzan was very confident in the Kimera’s technological superiority.


Buzan briefed his Space Pirates on a potentially lucrative mission: a raid of a Confederacy remnants science facility, worth a month of shore leave. He gave the Pirates special low-energy Lockdown shells which the mercenaries had stolen, as well as low-energy cloaking devices designed by Kimeran inventor Velichek. He told them to avoid bloodshed during the mission.

The Space Pirates were teleported into the facility, but quickly ran into difficulty. They relied on Buzan for assistance; he could teleport backup in the form of a medic and a Dark Templar Shadow Pirate. However, he couldn't teleport them out as planned as the station began to self-destruct, knocking out its transponders. The Pirates would have to travel to the station's docking bay before they could be picked up the the Kimera.

During the mission the Pirates spotted Infested Stukov and picked up Morik, a formerly terran subject of experiments (now a barely sane infested terran).

At the docking bay, Buzan picked up the Pirates, along with Morik. When warned that the Kimera might be followed by cloaked Wraiths, Buzan stated that "nothing can track the Kimera".

The Kimerans were, in fact, tracked to a dark planet, where Stukov hired mercenaries to silence them. The attackers were successful.[1]


  • Buzan's name is a reference to Nick Buzan, a friend of Deception's map designer David Fried.[2]


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