"I know how you like to use that bad boy."

- Angelina Emillian on Samir Duran's use of his C-10(src)

C-10RifleMkVI SC2 Story1

C-10 Mk. VI

The C-10 is a terran canister rifle issued to ghosts.[1][2] At least six versions of it exist.[3]


Mk. I-VEdit

Ghost SC1 Art2

A C-10 during the Great War

Note: A degree of overlap may be present, but to prevent model speculation, information pertaining to early C-10s has been grouped into the same section. Time separation is still present however.

The C-10 was in use by 2491[4] and a relatively obscure weapon at this time.[5] These models were capable of firing lockdown and explosive rounds.[5]

By 2499, the C-10 mainly fired 25mm high explosive rounds.[1] This version was also equipped with a special[1] underslung low frequency targeting laser that was used to guide tactical nuclear missiles to their target with pinpoint accuracy.[1] It was also capable of using a variety of special munitions,[6] including lockdown rounds that temporarily disabled mechanized units caught within the blast.[1]

Mk. VIEdit

"Sexier than my girlfriend and twice as nice."

- Horvald Winston on the Mk. VI(src)

C-10Rifle SC-FM Art1

The C-10 Mk. VI

The C-10 Mark VI entered service in the Terran Confederacy shortly before the Fall of Tarsonis. It was first used by Horvald Winston to kill Kel-Morian mining baron James Fortune. It entered the arsenal of the Terran Dominion, which has been unable to improve the design.[3] It is constructed out of neosteel and polymer.[7]

Although the Mk. VI is unwieldy in the hands of others,[2] ghosts are able to use it as both an automatic weapon[8][9][10][11] and as an anti-personnel sniper rifle,[12][13] capable of a one-shot kill.[2]

The weapon fires 25mm antipersonnel rounds.[7] These rounds appear to be charged with energy instead of relying purely on conventional explosives and have the power to destroy siege tanks from the inside.[9] The Mk. VI is also equipped with a flashlight,[10] can fire EMP rounds[14] that punch through shields and deplete energy sources, lockdown rounds,[7] and has retained the low frequency targeting laser that is used to guide tactical nuclear missiles and now drop pods to their intended destination.[2] The accuracy of ghosts has improved thanks to the Mk. VI containing a magnetic grid tracker to verify coordinates.[3] These rifles are augmented with recoil absorption for accurate follow-up shots, an automatic aim compensation module that compensates for wind speed, gravity and the Coriolis effect, and sixteen sound-suppressing baffles.[15] Ghost trainees of the Terran Dominion are expected to be able to strip and reassemble Mk. VI C-10 rifles in a minute and a half.[10]

By 2511, new ammunition for the C-10 had been developed that allows the rifle to pierce zerg armor at greater ranges.[16]



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