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"This is my C-14 Impaler gauss rifle! There are many like it, but this one is mine!"

A pair of C-14s

The C-14 Impaler gauss rifle is a terran standard issue marine weapon of the Confederate and Dominion Marine Corps. It is very common in the Koprulu sector.[1] It utilizes gauss-assisted technology to accelerate ferromagnetic projectiles at hypersonic speed through a process of magnetic induction.[2]

The protoss consider C-14 rifles to be cowardly weapons.[3]


"The C-14 is fully automatic with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second, although its capacitor system limits fire to short, controlled bursts."
"Controlled? They never seen a zerg charge if they think what we do is controlled."

- A Dominion marine in regards to C-14 information(src)

U-238 DU ammunition box

In use by 2478,[4] the C-14 usually fires hypersonic 8 mm armor-piercing metal "spikes"[1][5] which can penetrate up to two inches of steel plating[6]. The rounds themselves are encased in steel[7]. While the rifle is gauss-assisted, it still utilizes traditional means to firing projectiles such as gunpowder, which is known to cause issues with the rifle when the ammunition becomes wet[8]. The magnetic induction that gives the gauss rifle its name is achieved via a magnetic accelerator pack within the gun.[4]

The Impaler is fully automatic with a fire rate of 30 rounds per second[7], although fully automatic fire is discouraged under most circumstances. A capacitor system is used to fire the weapon in short bursts, conserving ammunition and minimizing power requirements[1]. Due to this, the C-14 rifle has high recoil; CMC armor is designed to suppress this[4]. The armor can also supplement the rifle's power supply.[7]

A Great War-era C-14

The C-14 has been used as automatic base defense weapon, mounted on a tower.[9]

The C-14 should not be confused with the AGR-14 rifle. Both are referred to as "assault rifles"[7] but the latter may be a scaled down version of the former.[10]


"Sure it uses gauss, but there is still good old fashion gunpowder in the mix with all the problems that causes. Keep your ammo dry."

- A Dominion marine(src)

The C-14 is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition:

Kal .5 Auto casing

  • Armor piercing: Used against heavily armored targets.[11]
  • Depleted uranium: Encompass U-238 shells/spikes. The most popular variant among marines given that they extend the rifle's range up to 25%.[12][5]
  • Hollow point spread: Flatten and expand on impact for maximum wounding efficiency. Custom made by Ardo Melnikov.[7]
  • Incendiary: Used against structures.[11]
  • Steel tipped: Used to maim rather than kill an enemy.[7]


"The only thing you should feel when you shoot the recoil."

- A marine.(src)

1st Variant

The current C-14 design

This variant was used as far back as 2495[13] and remains the core variant[12]. Its frame allows some customization, allowing the user to install a[2] retractable bayonet[14][15], laser sights, or an underbarrel grenade launcher[2] (this last customization is forbidden under Dominion Marine Corps regulations)[8]. It also features a torch function[16], a scope with enemy identification functions[17], and can be used in conjunction with a M98 ballistic alloy combat shield[12]. It carries at least 500 rounds per magazine[14], though the War Pigs have been shown to use a variant with a drum magazine.[18]

2nd Variant

Great War design

This variant of the C-14 was in use in the Great War. Although bulky, it features a far more streamlined design than later versions and CMC armor is not required to operate it[7][19]. The rifle features two grips; a smaller one, used by unarmored shooters, requires the user to use both hands to keep the barrel steady. The other, larger grip is used by CMC armored soldiers, who are able to operate it with just one hand[11], at the expense of accuracy.[20]

The rifle has an LED (light-emitting diode) magazine capacity indicator, showing how much ammunition remains in its magazine (hundreds of rounds).[21]

A C-14 firing a grenade

In addition, the rifle can launch fragmentation grenades[20] and can accept a laser designator[7] and RPG components[21]. Grapples may also be fired from the muzzle.[7]

Known Rifles


Early gauss rifle imagery in StarCraft: Ghost

  • The ammunition counter on the second variant is similar to the counter on the pulse rifle from Aliens.
  • It appears that the original C-14 was originally intended to remain in use for StarCraft: Ghost, as early screenshots depict.
  • The C-14 is priced at 175,000 credits each, while each individual round comes in at 300 credits. One could ultimately spend 9,000 credits per second on the rifle, given its rate of fire.[23]


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