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"You were too good for that backwater waste. We both were. Now come on, time for adventure."

- Kyra to Caleb(src)

Caleb is a young, inexperienced terran salvager and engineer from a farm world.


Early LifeEdit

Caleb was born and raised on a backwater farm world, where he worked his father's farm. He grew up alongside his childhood best friend Kyra, who would later leave the planet to pursue other ventures. Caleb would turn to engineering and machinery as his hobby, something he became proficient at.[1]


Sometime after the Second Great War Caleb was contacted by Kyra, who offered him a position aboard the Kel-Morian Combine scavenger vessel, the Magpie, replacing the former engineer Jonas. He worked under Captain Nero Theban, who told him that they would be scavenging a protoss ship in Terran Dominion space, a risky and illegal operation. Caleb volunteered to go on the mission, though was very nervous.

Caleb was brought on the ship, though he struggled with his suit and met the ire of fellow scavenger Orry. He followed along Captain Theban, discussing the war between the protoss and the zerg, and the value of protoss technology. Caleb's group moved on the ship's gunnery power cell, which Theban ordered Caleb to try to salvage for themselves rather than sell. Caleb tried to find the power conduit, but could only guess as he was not familiar with protoss technology.[1]

Eventually Caleb did find the conduit, and disconnected it, placing it in a protoss cube. As Caleb and his group left they discovered the other scavengers were being picked off by an unseen attacker. The scavengers regrouped, with Theban suggesting their return to the ship. After Gene was outraged at leaving members of the crew behind, Caleb suggested that they get weapons before proceeding. Caleb and the scavengers made it back to the ship, with members of the crew being picked off by their attacker along the way, only to find the door to their ship locked.

They entered using a manual override and armed themselves, but found the bridge locked. Knowing they had been boarded and didn't have much time, Theban assigned Caleb to disconnect the docking clamps. However, before they could they were approached by footsteps, then blinded by a flash grenade. When Caleb came to, he found himself surrounded by Terran Dominion marines under Captain Barlow, who called for their arrest.[2]

After a brief firefight, Theban ordered the scavengers to surrender, and Barlow picked out Caleb, who was hiding behind some crates, telling him to cooperate with them. Much to the protest of his crew, he agreed, and was carried to their Liberator. On the ship Barlow informed him if the crimes his crew had committed, and that they wouldn't be flying again for a long time. Caleb tried to warn her of the hidden attacker that had slaughtered them, when Davis appeared with data taken from the ship, showing it was a prison ship harboring a Nerazim murderer. Barlow said she would destroy the ship and the Magpie, then sent Caleb back to his crew's cell.

At the cell, the scavengers jeered at Caleb, but as the guard opened the door Caleb turned on him and knocked him down. The scavengered rushed and killed the guard, with Theban telling Caleb to never betray them again. The group then stormed the bridge, firing on Barlow and her crew, but Davis was able to fire the Liberator's Concord cannon anyway, destroying the protoss ship and the Magpie. Enraged, Kyra shot Barlow and proceeded to stomp her face into a bloody pulp, utterly shocking Caleb as he reflected on the girl he used to know. With the situation stabilized, Theban ordered they take the ship, when a protoss voice spoke to them through the corpses of the Dominion marines, saying they would all soon be dead.[3]

Theban ordered his crew to shoot the corpses, then shot Grace when she expressed concern over his United Earth Directorate loyalties. Caleb suggested to Theban that that seal themselves in the bridge and vent the ship, but Theban dismissed it, wanting to kill the Nerazim himself. Caleb then took Kyra aside, telling her that the captain had gone insane, and they should vent the ship anyway, but Kyra would have none of it, wanting to stay with her captain. The two caught up to Theban, finding Gene dead, but just then the Nerazim decapitated the captain.

NerazimCaleb Scavengers Comic1

Caleb and the Nerazim escape into the unknown

Caleb and Kyra tried to make it to the escape pods, but found that they had been jettisoned. Caleb suggested killing themselves in the airlock, but Kyra said she wanted to go down fighting. The Nerazim then appeared to them, telling the two that she needed one alive to pilot the ship for her. Kyra said it should be her, and Caleb, shocked and betrayed, reflected on her recruiting him on their homeworld and how happy they were. He said she should live, and the Nerazim told Kyra to kill him. But as she prepared to shoot him the Nerazim stabbed Kyra with her warp blade. Caleb was shocked, and gripper her corpse.

The Nerazim then guided Caleb the cockpit of the liberator, and the two sped off to parts unknown.[4]


The Nerazim forced Caleb to infiltrate a munitions factory in the Umojan Protectorate and find a mysterious source of power.[5]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Caleb is kind and naive on the politics and events of the sector at large, but has a strong curiosity. He is comp intent with machinery, and is even able to use that knowledge to figure out the basics of protoss machines. Caleb is kind hearted and cares deeply for his friends. He is able to think up plans even in a crisis situation, and can adapt under pressure even in weird and alien situations.[4]


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