Candore Colony was a settlement based on the Terran Dominion world of Candore.


Some of the colonists provided shelter to the anti-Dominion organization, the Knights of Freedom, and some colonists spoke out against the government they disagreed with.[1]

In 2502[2] a Dominion Marine Corps force led by Major Tom Hawkins descended upon the colony, arresting many colonists and massacring the rest under the nose of embedded reporter Kate Lockwell. The survivors were imprisoned aboard a battlecruiser, and the corpses were stored aboard it behind a locked door.

A Knights of Freedom team including renegade reporter Michael Liberty investigated the colony, but could only determine that the colonists had vanished. Their fate was discovered by Lockwell, aboard the battlecruiser. She filmed the corpses and made copies, one of which she secretly transferred to the Knights.

The Dominion claimed the victims had been massacred by rebels. However, Liberty now knew the truth and planned to release the footage on the anniversary of Arcturus Mengsk's inauguration.[1]


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