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The cantina

The Hyperion's cantina is the place where many members of Raynor's Raiders are located in to drink and lounge around. Cooper serves as the barkeep.[1]

By way of entertainment, the cantina features a jukebox, The Lost Viking arcade game, a holographic dancer and a flatscreen.[1] Tosh and the Screamers give performances on Saturday nights.[2] It also contains nostalgic items or various trophies garnered from missions.[1]


During the Second Great War, Jim Raynor spent a great deal of his time drowning his sorrows in the cantina, drinking alone and remembering Sarah Kerrigan's betrayal by Arcturus Mengsk and her infestation by the zerg. Matt Horner managed to shake him out of his stupor however.[3]

BarFight SC2 CineBarFight1

Findlay brawling with Raynor

Later on in the conflict, the cantina became the location of much discussion in regards to Raynor's alliance with Valerian Mengsk and his intention to return to Char. Tychus Findlay and Milo Kachinsky were opposed to the alliance, but Rory Swann supported Raynor's decision. The discussion became physical when Findlay threw Swann. Raynor managed to subdue the convict in a bar fight. The bar's jukebox was destroyed in the process, but it was eventually fixed.[4] (though was soon fixed).[1]

Game Effect

The player can interact with the bar and its inhabitants via point-and-click mechanics. Major characters will engage in conversation, while minor ones utter one-liners.

Major Characters

Minor Characters


The television shows UNN's Vermillion Live after most missions; it is hosted by Donny Vermillion, and Kate Lockwell makes frequent appearances. The content often pertains to the previous mission undertaken by the player. Commercials are shown occasionally.[5]


The jukebox plays a number of tracks, chosen by the player at will. The Lost Viking is effectively a mini-game, and completion of its levels will give the player achievements.[1]


These items can be seen hanging above the Cantina door on the right side of the screen, except for Raynor's old marshal badge which hangs to the left of the door.


Over the years, the Raiders have visited many locales and acquired exotic and interesting recipies for alcohol, their sources ranging from backwater worlds to megacities.[6] Known liquors include the following:


The hologram is doing the female night elf dance from Blizzard's World of Warcraft, itself inspired from Alizée's J'en ai Marre dance.


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