The Captain was an officer within the UED Expeditionary Fleet. Charged with carrying out specific tactical and strategic goals and objectives set by Admiral Gerard DuGalle and Vice Admiral Alexei Stukov, the Captain regularly attended briefings led by the fleet's two admirals.

It is unknown what became of the Captain after the UED Expeditionary Fleet was destroyed.


First Strike

After a long journey from Earth, the captain awoke from cryogenic sleep by cryostims[1] and listened to Admiral Gerard DuGalle's speech to the UED fleet before receiving orders from Vice-Admiral Alexei Stukov to capture Boralis, a capital city of Braxis from the Terran Dominion.

Despite temporary setbacks, the captain managed to capture the planet's capital[2] with the aid of Lieutenant Samir Duran and his Confederate Resistance Forces who recently allied themselves into the UED fleet,[3] earning praise from their superiors.

Raid on the Dylarian Shipyards

After the UED acquired data from Braxis's destroyed command center on Boralis, the captain was ordered by DuGalle to capture a number of Dominion battlecruisers in a raid on the Dylarian Shipyards. Successfully capturing these ships, the captain managed to defeat the Dominion Armada led by General Edmund Duke.[4]

Skirmish on Tarsonis

After victory at the Dylarian Shipyards, DuGalle gave orders to the captain to locate and destroy the psi disrupter on Tarsonis, a potent piece of Confederate anti-zerg technology with Duran's aid. Despite facing four zerg hive clusters, the captain managed to destroy the structures, rendering the zerg docile. Duran made his way to the Disrupter, only to be stopped by ghosts working for Stukov, claiming that the vice admiral would destroy it himself.[5]

Assault on Korhal

The UED fleet soon moved on to assault Korhal, the capital world of the Dominion. The world was defended by a large fleet of battlecruisers and an arsenal of nuclear weapons. There was only time to deprive the Dominion of one of these options before the assault on Augustgrad and DuGalle tasked the captain to choose and disable either the battlecruiser fleet or the nuclear arsenal to pave way for the upcoming UED assault. The sortie was a success.[6]

With Dominion defenses weakened, the captain launched a successful assault on Augustgrad. Emperor Arcturus Mengsk attempt to escape aboard the Norad III but was forced to request a parlay. However, before the emperor could be captured he was rescued by Commander Jim Raynor and a small protoss fleet. The UED's quarry escaped via dimensional recall.[7]

Raid on Aiur

The UED tracked the fugitives to the protoss world of Aiur and found Mengsk and his benefactors preparing to go even farther afield via warp gate. The captain fought an initially successful action to prevent the escape only to be foiled again by unexpected intervention. Duran failed to hold in check suddenly active zerg forces. The zerg swarmed into the operations area and the fugitives escaped through the gate in the resulting chaos. The captain was forced to withdraw the UED troops in the ensuing chaos.[8]

Raid on the Psi Disrupter

When it was revealed that he still had the psi disrupter in his possession, DuGalle ordered the captain to seek the vice admiral and eliminate him.[9] The captain led a small UED strike force with Duran within the facility and fought against Stukov's Elite Guard and later Stukov himself, whom Duran killed. After a dying Stukov revealed that Duran was the traitor,[10] the captain led a desperate battle to fight their way through numerous zerg attackers to prevent the psi disrupter's self-destruction and managed to succeed.[11]

Assault on Char

After saving the Psi Disrupter, the UED fleet proceeded to Char where they used the device to disrupt the zerg's communications and managed to establish a base on the volcanic planet. There, the captain was given orders by the Admiral to capture the Second Overmind. The captain was able to neutralize the three cerebrates guarding the Overmind and successfully captured the creature, giving the UED control over the bulk of the zerg.[12]


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