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"New strain: carrion. Produces locust capable of flight."

The carrion is a zerg variant strain of the swarm host that appears in Heart of the Swarm. It is an alternative evolution to the Creeper strain.


Plot branch : Kerrigan chooses to evolve the Swarm Host

The carrion was developed on Cruxas III through the genome of the native carrion wasps. After assimilating the essence of a carrion nest, the locusts produced by the swarm hosts destroyed the Dominion's nuclear silos.[1]

Plot branch ends here

Game Unit[]

The carrion is able to spawn flying locusts to attack ground targets. The flying locusts are faster and deal 50% more damage than regular locusts, but have 25% less life. They cannot attack air normally.

The carrion is better offensively compared to creepers, due to the increased mobility and damage output of the locusts, as well as reduced crowding. However, while the damage bonus and improved mobility for the locusts is a strong benefit, the flying locusts will be vulnerable to anti-air defense structures, such as missile turrets.[1]


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